Summer Solstice Blessings

A day when the Sun is at its peak and light dominates the darkness. A day to honor Sunna and Balder. 

A day to meditate on Dagaz. 


Loving summer living

Summer vacation, stay at home mom for 12 weeks. 

Kids thrive in structure. 

Our structure, which I have written about previously, has recently evolved to allow for Witchlette’s ideas and preferences. 

Monday continues to be Make it Monday and it’s everyone’s favorite day. A day of baking!

Tuesday is still Touring Tuesday, where we go to a local kids museum to which we have memberships. 

Wednesday is went from Wonder Wednesday where we planned, and failed, to go to library story time. We now, per Witchlette’s request, have Watch It Wednesday. The movie theatre has $1 tickets, with parents getting in for free. On weeks when the movie is not worth a dollar, we’ll pop corn at home and watch some Netflix. 

Thursday is Thinking Thursday. We read a book and make a craft related to the book. Thoughtful Thursday, where we give back to the community, is slowly becoming a regular thing. It feels disingenuous only doing it over the summer and is hard to arrange with toddler schedules. 

Friday is still Free Play Friday, which is going to involve park time, in-home playing, and just general unscheduled time. I couldn’t handle day after day of unstructured time, but once a week is good for their development, especially when Witchlette complains she is board. 

I’m greatly looking forward to the summer time with my loves!

Summer bucket list

I have a summer bucket list:

  • Make truffles
  • Make mason jar lid pies with the frozen pie crust Witchlette and I made two weeks ago (we made butterfly shaped nutella strawberry hand pies)
  • Make cinnamon rolls- which should come out GREAT with my fancy rolling pin. 
  • Bake cookies
  • Go camping
  • Make wind chimes
  • Binge watch the last season of Big Bang Theory since Witchlette’s bedtime is now 8

We made truffles Thursday, after the final day of swim lessons. Peanut butter and smore. So good. Quite easy. Very kid friendly. 

Witchlette was thrilled about the idea of making candy…she has her Mama’s sweet tooth! 

Monday, we will do the pies. If I remember to put the dough in the fridge Sunday morning. We have discussions to go camping in August, though we haven’t made definitive plans. 

We have already gone to the beach this summer. Hubby and I came home a bit burned, but Witchlette was completely unscathed and Witchling got a bit of color, but not red. 

There is still about a month left of my stay at home mom time and I am taking in every moment. 

Bonus: Witchling now sleeps through the night…or at least he is night weaned and wakes up very seldomly, at which point Hubby soothes him back to sleep. He also takes 2-3 hour naps everyday. 

Extra: Witchlette has her first “boyfriend” 

The last few days of swim lessons, they held each other’s hand going to the parking lot. Witchlette found a loophole of our rules: she has to hold a hand on the street- we never said an adult hand. So she held her friend’s hand. His mom and I hit it off and we hope to keep getting together even though swim lessons are done for the year.