Witnessing the impossible

It was a beautiful site to see this morning!!

My alarm went off at 5:30 and I went right to the window to get a glimpse of what I thought would be the tail end of the Blood Moon Eclipse.

Imagine my surprise when I peeked again a few minutes later to see that the area of the moon in the umbra had grown!!

So my calculation was off and as a result I was able to see the whole eclipse. Witchlette enjoyed it with me. I pointed out the moon to her and she gazed with legitimate interest. She didn’t stay long, but when she did, her attention was focused. Awesome.

I had to finish getting both of us ready for the day and so I went back inside. Every few minutes I stole a peek out the window and was able to see the complete eclipse.

After packing up lunch and saying goodbye to Hubby/Daddy (Wednesdays I drop Witchlette off at Grandma’s). I stepped out the front door and could see the first signs of morning light coming over the trees at the edge of my neighborhood. This was in stark contrast to the fully-eclipsed moon hanging over my back yard.

Remember the geometry of lunar eclipses from middle school science?

According the the basic geometry of a lunar eclipse, the shadow of the earth is what makes the moon appear red. The shadow is caused by the Earth sitting directly in between the sun and the moon. So how is it possible to have the sun rise but still have the moon eclipsed?

Simple. It’s not.

At least in theory it’s not. But it happened and many of us witnessed it!

Witchlette and I drove to Grandma’s house in the relative dark of the early morning (it was 6:40 when we arrived). I was driving West, facing the Moon the whole way as the sky was gradually becoming lighter and lighter in my rear-view mirror. As the sky got lighter, the moon started to fade away. It was beautiful in a very eerie way.

It was impossible, and yet it happened!



Last night, if you lived east of the Mississippi and were lucky enough to not have rain showers, you were treated to a Blood Moon lunar eclipse. I was up for and fortunate to see, meteorlogically speaking, the full lunar eclipse on the night of the Winter Solstice in 2010.

Last night, while I was up to nurse just before the beginning of the event, it began to rain heavily before 2, so I went back to bed.

For anyone else who missed it, or who saw it and wants to relive the moment: EarthSky has a number of images available. ,

Lunar preview

2014 has no blue moon.

2014 has two BLACK moons.

The first is this month.

1st New
16th Full
30th Black (2nd New in a month)

14th Full

1st New
16th Full
30th Black

15th Full
29th New

14th Full
28th New

13th Full
27th New

12th Full
26th New

10th Full
25th New

9th: Full
24th: New

8th: Full
23rd: New

6th: Full
22nd: New

6th: Full
22nd: New

Charging with the Waxing Moon

For my birthday, a friend of mine sent me a set of stones. She is aware of a goal I am trying to accomplish and sent me the stone with properties related to accomplishing this goal.

Every night beginning tonight, I will bless the stones with each Element by sprinkling the stones with salt and water and passing over them with fire and smoke. This will happen for seven nights. On the eighth night, I will sleep with the stones under my pillow, filling them with my essence. On the ninth day, I will meditate my wants and needs of my goal into the stones. On the tenth day, the stones will rest and I will begin using them on the 11th day.

The ten days comes from the first corded knot spell I ever did, which called for 10 knots. Since that was my first spell, and since it worked so well, I stick with 10 a lot in my casting. Sometimes I think this is overkill, but when I don’t follow this charging sequence, I don’t get good results.

Brightest Blessings!

Lunapo )O(

New Moon Magicks

Today is the Dark Moon. It is a time for potent magicks, equally as powerful as the Full Moon. Most practitioners use this time for banishings. There is a small window of opportunity before the Dark Moon becomes the New Moon. Then, a small window of opportunity before the New Moon becomes just the Waxing Moon.

As most already know, the New Moon is a time for beginnings, a time to start a new project or venture.

My project for this New Moon is to finally get out a story that has been floating around my head since I was a kid. I’ve always been fascinated with orphanism, being raised by family members, especially ones who are cruel. I’ve been fascinated with siblings reuniting under and being resentful towards each other related to their own abandonment issues. A bit of romance and a bit of Magick to boot!

After I get some of it into prose, I’ll be blogging it, linked to this blog.

Brightest Blessings!

Lunapo )O(