Beltane Blessings ‘22

We did our first formal ritual since Mabon! Our rituals for Yule, Imbolc, and Ostara were not formal by any means. I think the kids like the formal rituals more, especially when they are as interactive as this one.

We made a Maypole!

Family backyard Maypole. Mama Witch had teal, Witchlette had orange, and Witchling had green.

We went to Lowes and found a 3” diameter 6’ dowel. We got fabric ribbon in our choices of colors. I stapled them to the top. We played pan-flute forest fairy music and danced around the pole. It was joyful.

We started with a glamor then called in the elements. Each of us read a Fae poem and made an offering to the Fae. Then we ribboned the Maypole. After, we held hands and danced around the pole to a second song.

I set up half the yard with our formal ritual candle holders and we blessed the Circle with each of us holding a smudge stick, then a bell or drum, then a smudge stick again. We chose smoke twice to represent the fires of Beltane.

Just behind the South candle, East candle is just out of frame.

Here is our whole ritual:


Heat from the south


Cold from the north


Heat from the south


Cold from the north


Heat from the south


Cold from the North


Fire melts the ice. The water mixes with the heat to make steam. The ice cools the steam to make mist. The mist fills the gap between fire and ice, there there was nothing. Mist of the world from where all life springs.

Fire, ice, mist together: 

We are hidden now in the mist, no longer in this world yet not wholly in the otherworld. We walk the space between, in the mist, blessed by fire and ice.


We call upon the Guardians of the North, the heart of the land. Bless us with your patience and ground us in this moment. Hail and welcome Spirits of Earth. 


We call upon the Guardians of the East, the wisdom of the wind. Bless us with your open communication, that we may be present to hear your message. Hail and welcome Spirits of Air. 


We call upon the Guardians of the South, the purifying flame. Bless us with your passion, lighting our path of inspiration. Hail and welcome Spirits of Fire. 


We call upon the Guardians of the West, the cleansing droplets. Bless us with your refreshing waves and help us to feel and heal our gamut of emotions. Hail and welcome Spirits of Water. 

Song Earth my Body

<Walk around with smoke>

I cast this Circle all around

Consecrating sacred ground

Earth below and sky above

Bless us now with light and love 

Water Sprite and Fire Griffin

As without so within 

<Walk around again with bells>

<Walk around again with smoke>

We in rhymes of 3

As we will it so mote it be. 


O Fairy Queen, upon your white steed,

Within me plant a magic seed.

From you may spring

Many new beginnings.

Great Queen, accept these offerings.


Beloved Folk hidden at night

I call upon Your lovely sight

Moonlight shares your time, divine 

Accept these humble gifts of mine 

So over me your light may shine

Mama Witch:

Fairies from far and wide, 

I offer you a gift, 

Tied up in green for luck, 

And sealed with a kiss. 

I can sense you 

If I’m pure of heart, 

Bless me with good luck 

To boost my Witch’s art.

Maypole dance with forest pan flute music

(Cakes and Ale)


Thank you Water for joining us today. May we continue to embrace all of our emotions. Hail and farewell. 


Thank you Fire for joining us today. May we continue to have balance in all we do.  Hail and farewell. 


Thank you Air for joining us today. May we continue to listen to your messages, whether sent on wind or wing. Hail and farewell. 


Thank you Earth for joining us today. May we continue to be grounded and present in all we do. Hail and welcome Spirits if Earth. 

Song May the Circle be Open


As the mist condenses, we see the land from flesh, the mountains from bone, the rivers from blood, and the stones from teeth. As the mist recedes, we are harkened back to the garden in the middle of Yggdrasil. When the mist evaporates, we are once again fully in our world and no longer between worlds.

Fire: The fire returns to Muspelheim

Ice: The ice returns to Niflheim

Devotional (11/13)

Gifts of the Wyrd podcast recent guest was author Marie Durkan as she discussed her recent Frigg book, explaining her connection to Frigg, Frigg’s role with her handmaidens, and how all of them would have evolved over time. That discussion led to this poem:

Devotional (8 of 13)

Warrior queen

Weaving a loom of end trails

Sky queen

Weaving a tapestry of clouds

Magick queen

Spinning the thread of wyrd

Warband mistress

Fiercely battling

High mistress

Fiercely loyal for

Highest mother

Fiercely protective

Linear existence

In a circular pattern

All faces exist at once

All aspects truth

Midsummer 21

Last night I joined S and S for some amazing Magick. We honored a deity who is personally new to me, but whom I know to be jovial and free of malice. Thor popped in as well. There was some lightning around as the tropical storm finished passing its path over Raleigh, but a cloud formed into Mjolnir passed over the Moon and Thor’s presence was tangible, so we felt safe having a Midsummer fire outdoors.

Before leaving, Witchlette was a bit bummed that I was going to celebrate the evening with friends when I hadn’t done a ritual with her. I began writing one over dinner and we will be performing it this morning before the sun gets too high.

Opening glamor

Ice to the North, Fire to the South (x3)

The fire melts the ice, the ice condenses the steam. The sacred mist is formed where there was nothing. We are cloaked in the mist, no longer in this world but not wholly in the other world. Shrouded by mist we work in the space between worlds.

Quarter calls


Lush green leaves, full bloom flowers, sweet ripe watermelon, all the summer gifts of earth. Thank you for blessing us today. Hail and welcome.


Warm breezes, strong storms, baby birds growing strong, all the summer gifts of air. Thank you for blessing us today. Hail and welcome.


Buzzing dragonflies, long sunny days, scorching sand, all the summer gifts of fire. Thank you for blessing us today. Hail and welcome.


Lapping ocean waves, refreshing mid-day rains, splashing at the pool. all the summer gifts of water. Thank you for blessing us today. Hail and welcome.


All the gifts of summer join us here today. Each piece made of star stuff, each piece divine. We are united in our shared history forged in the oldest of Magicks. Thank you for blessing us today. Hail and welcome.


All around our circle cast. This time and place does it last. A moment in present, future, and past.

In honor of the longest day of the year, we call and honor Frigg.

Ancient Mother, beautiful sundisk

Mother of the light, bride of the wind

Giver of life, mother of all

Matron of the day, mistress of the night

Star keeper, Wyrd weaver

Thank you for bringing us light to balance the darkness of winter and fall.

Offer libations

In honor of the longest day of the year, we call and honor Baldr

Shining son, beautiful light

Favorite sun, favorite friend

Unharmed by all, setting each day to rise again

Baldr the good, noble and true

Blazing from the sundisk, fearlessly shining on a new day

Thank you for bringing us light to balance the darkness of winter and fall.

Give libation

In honor of the longest day, we honor the work of Sunna, riding in her golden chariot across the sky day after day.

Sunna guiding her steed away from Sköll who seeks to devour the sun and set the 9 realms into eternal darkness

We honor you by all your known names through the worlds: Sun, sunshine, Dvalinn’s deluder, everglow, the lovely wheel, all-shining

Thank you for bringing us light and keeping the darkness at bay

Give libation

After the passing of the longest day, each day will slowly grow shorter and the earth will begin to tilt back towards the dark. For now, we enjoy the sun and the summer, and all the joy that comes with it.


Thank you for your unity, return to the stars


Thank you for your refreshing presence, return to the spring


Thank you for your inspiring presence, return to the hearth


Thank you for your communicating presence, return to the clouds


Thank you for your grounding presence, return to the land

The time and place is at an end, well met until we meet again, the circle is open but never broken

As the mist recedes, we find ourselves present in back in our own time and place.

Continued devotions

This evening, after leaving Frigg a Full Moon offering, I penned another devotional. I also wrote her a small haiku a few days ago, which brings my count to 7 of 13 promised works.

Short haiku style for Frigg
A reflection on the Moon and how she is typically seen as Mother aspect, she is all three

Kenning devotional

This morning I awoke with this list of kennings in my head:


Most ancient,

Original goddess


Wife and mother,

Odin’s Queen


Woman and lover

By another name


Flax giver

Spinner and weaver magicks


Keeper of children

Gone before growing


Magical crone

Demonized beauty


Bread maker

Spindle giver


Stealthy one

Costuming women

Frau Gode

Wind rider

Ghost leader


Known by many names

Hail to you,

Beloved One

Devotional addition

Hail Allmother,

Queen of the sky,

Ruler of dawn, midday, and dusk,

Keeper of time, hours, and lives.

Spinner of the flax,

Weaver of clouds,

Spinner of fate.

Weaver of life threads,

Holder of secrets,

Quietly sharing none.

Master of the stars,

Faces of the moon,

Friend of women,

Wives and lovers,

Mothers and children.

Beloved to the Wise One,

Beloved to all your children,

Hail Allmother.


Last week, I was inspired to start writing more often and I wanted to dedicate myself to a Frigg devotional.

Well, Falcon and Winter Soldier (Hello, Bucky 😍) distracted me and I wrote about him instead. Nerd alert 🤓 Worst case scenario, I thought to myself, is I get my creative writing juices flowing on a silly side project. No big deal.

When I turned my attention back to Frigg after a week of speculative fanfiction, I sat with Frigg in meditation. I have shaken out the cobwebs and I am ready to write. It’s time for your devotional.


What would you like? What should I focus on? I want to write for you, about you.

Oh, do you now?

You should write about me (second goddess)

I will. But I promised myself to Frigg first, as general matron and for a writing project.

Are you sure?

It is very enticing, and I would like to explore our relationship further with a similar project in due time

Write for me. Uphold your word

Yes. I want to go deeper, all my initial thoughts are superficial. They only scratch the surface but that seems to be all I have…


After that the meditation was more or less silent. Granted, while I have distinctly heard Frigg speak, out loud, using my own audition once, it was less of a literal conversation and more of a feeling I got while meditating.

I thought one came to me overnight, but I believe I ended up recalling a chant by Halfway Up Brifrost. I went through the day looking and thinking. I want for a walk with S and thought. I tune came into my head:

Doodoo doodoo doodoo do

Doodoo doodoo do

Doodoo doodoo doodoo do

Doodoo doodoo doodoo do

But alas, besides the rhythm. I think I was haunty when I made the promise. I reached out to a women’s pagan group and shared my writers block. It felt very vulnerable, struggling but not feeling like I wasn’t good enough (progress for me!) just stuck.

Then, after sharing my writer’s block, I ended up taking this 7-5-7-7 syllabic pattern and I wrote the following:

Hail Frigg!