We been in the new house for a little over a week.

Today, our washer and dryer were delivered. Im running our first load in a while and the sense of normalcy is nice. We’re surrounded by boxes, most of them things that are deemed non-essentials and amung the first items to be packed, including lots of hanging decor. We want to have things settled and away before we start decorating, so we live around boxes.

About half of our stuff is still in boxes at Mom’s house. I brought home 9 (small) boxes Tuesday afternoon when I picked up the kids and will continue to do so until her house is empty. Next weekend, hubby and I will likely get a truckload out in his Jeep.

Around the house, things are settling in nicely. We’ve been dreaming of this house since the moment we saw it and it feels right that it’s now where we call home. Transitioning to my commute to work has been easy- I now take all back roads instead of the highway and the drive is a hair shorter. After work, I go to the same preschool near the old house to pick up the kids so the whole situation hasn’t changed. We didn’t see the fairness in taking Witchlette away from all her friends with only a few months left until she graduates Pre-K.

The kids have thoroughly enjoyed the house so far. They love the yard the most. In one of their many backyard adventures, they shared with me how they made a fire.

This morning, I found this:

This afternoon, Witchlette and I found the bulb which we blessed at charming of the plow.

It is now planted in the garden surrounding the deck in back.

We are now ready for Spring’s arrival next week!



It was less than a ago when Witchlette declared Skadi to be her goddess.

This morning, Witchling was going through the days of the week.

“Who’s day is today?” he asked.

“Sunna’s day.”

“When is Thor’s day?”


“When is Loki’s day?”

“Yesterday, Saturday.”

“What about Odin?”


“When is Heimdall’s day?”

“Heimdall doesn’t have a day.”


“I don’t know. He doesn’t.”

“Heimdall is my God!”

“He’s a good God to have”

I haven’t shared a formal declaration to the kids. That is something they can decide to do when they are older. Yet, I still think the gods of old are speaking through my little ones. They have found a willing audience.

Hail! Blessed be!

Goodbye, 110

Today is the last day in our first home.

We signed paperwork for this house on Christmas Eve 2008. We closed and moved in in February 2009.

We are moving out February 2018.

It has been a great 9 years in this home.

So much laughter and love.

Within this house is where I first told Hubby he was going to be a dad. Granted, it was on the phone at 4 am while he was away on business, but I made the call in that house. In this living room, Hubby first read Witchlette’s pink shirt which stated “Big Sister” and he learned he would become a dad again.

We announced both of our babies’ impending arrival to the world from within these walls.

Both children took their first steps in this house- Witchlette in her bedroom and Witchling in the kitchen.

Both children said their first words here- Witchlette, “Mama” and Witchling, “Dada.”

Hubby and I had our first, and only, real fight in this house. Then Hubby’s engineering came up with a solution to that same fight. And for two years, blue painter’s tape was laid out on the floor to display the solution to our fight. Now, a counter sits where the blue tape once did. An addition to the footprint of the house which bears our mark.

There was some sadness in these walls. The tears I shed between being told I would never be a mom, and finally becoming a mom. Learning both my and Hubby’s grandfathers had passed.

The happiness has definitely outweighed the sad.

110, thank you for the memories. May you continue to hold happiness for the next family and any families after.

Here’s to future happiness and wonderful memories in 2409.

“…so, I meditated…”

With parenting, most of what Hubby and I imbue on our children is a team effort. We share 99.99% of the same values and want our children to have them as well.

Typical parent stuff.

Be kind. Be respectful. Be patient. Be confident. Give effort. Have fun. Be silly. Embrace your smarts and use your powers for good.

The 00.01% where I differ from Hubby is with spirituality.

We are on the same page that we do not want our children brainwashed and indoctrinated into an organized religion. We are on the same page that we do not want our children exposed to Yahweh for as long as we can help it.

Hubby is on board for me raising our children as Pagan. They care for their environment. They have personal accountability. They believe in the old ways. They enjoy hearing stories of their ancestors. My kids also have been exposed to my yoga and meditation practice.

Yesterday, after school, Witchlette informed me that she was troubled by not being able to go to her preferred center during free play yesterday. She then went on and explained how, rather than get upset and frustrated, she sat down and meditated. “I didn’t get what I wanted and I was upset. But I didn’t want to cry, so I meditated.” Then, she went and read a book in the cozy corner.

I heart burst with love and pride from this little girl.

I must be doing something right.

Follow-up questions

The student who asked the Witch questions of me in December asked a follow-up question out of the blue this morning.

We were taking notes for new vocabulary words before we started our bingo review game. Others were still writing and he was finished.

“Is a ritual bad?”

“What do you mean?”

“Is a ritual bad?”

I could tell he didn’t have the words to explain himself any further and I was able to read between the lines. This kid has been doing some kind of research and is not coming with deeper questions. But without a pause or hesitation, I answered his question with one of my own:

“If you pray for someone to fall down the stairs and break their leg, is that a bad prayer?”


“It’s the same with rituals. The intent behind it is what matters.”

Later, after while students were finishing another set of notes, he asked about Halloween.

“Do pumpkins summon the devil?”

I at first wasn’t sure I heard him right and asked him to explain himself.

The class then go a mini cultural lesson about how pre-Christian ancient Celtic cultures would carve lanterns to help guide the spirits of their beloved dead, their ancestors, back home. I explained that this is a custom that is still done with the same meaning in some parts or Ireland and in the US by some people and is similar to a very wide-spread celebration in Mexico. When Christians came, oeooke were told they were inviting in demons, not ancestral spirits, and so the lanterns started to look like scary faces to chase the demons away.

The conversation continued to another student wishing humans could just be anything and why does everyone and everything have to be Christian. I responded that I’m not Christian and that’s ok. Everyone quickly agreed.

The student who started the question then asked me, quietly, “Are you Pagan?” to which I honestly answered affirmatively.

Despite all of the side bars we had today…we also talked about why humans have hair in their nose…we finished all of our vocabulary notes, played two games of vocabulary bingo, and diagrammed a sentence.

He has apparently been doing some kind of research on his own to use the words he did today. And I have zero concern professionally because my principal, Ms. T, is amazing and referred to me as a “hard worker” in an unrelated conversation today. It feels beyond good to know that I work in a place where I can be open, not advertising but still open, and have zero concerns for reprocussions.

My year and a day

Last week was my year and a day with Frigg.

With packing to move and being sick, I didn’t write about it on time. What matters, though, is that I did work with Frigg that day.

I threw some Runes and learned my next steps with her. In my divination, it now comes down to my breaking through my impressions of what is and is not to begin working with her on a more intimate level. I need to let go of notions I have, and what notions I have come from my  upbringing with Christian world-view: warrior/war/battle, femininity, and success.

I’ve spent the last year and a day learning all I could of her, which, given that she was a Goddess of a pre-Christian time, isn’t a lot. Much of her has been lost to the sands of time. I did, however, make a firm and historically appropriate connection between her and Holda, which has filled in many blanks and has left me with a much more complete picture.

And, no, the irony is not lost on me that the life altering event which brought me to my Path is something with which Frigg/Holda is affiliated.

There was one last piece which I was not able to put together until just this past weekend. Frigg’s hall. She has her own hall, as does each of the Aesir. Her hall is said to be on the marshlands, but when I look at marshes, I don’t find her…I don’t feel her.

There’s an alternate translation!

If we look at Aesir Gods as a whole as sky deities, and Frigg as not only a sky deity but also a solar one, we have a sun goddess as included in Bellows’s translation of the Eddas.

Image result for sun with wispy clouds

Fensalir is Frigg’s hall and is usually translated to mean wetland hall. According to Mallet and Scott, the “fen” element, however, could also represent the sea. Taking all this into account, we now find a new location for her hall. If Fensalir means Sea Halls rather than Fen Halls, and Frigg is a sun goddess, then Fensalir would be not only a place but also a time.

Image result for sun setting on the ocean horizon germany

It would be the moment when the sun touches the horizon at the sea during the sunrise and sunset.

The moment I thought this, it felt right. I carried with it the rest of the day and every day since that it feels right. As I write this, it feels glorious.

I remember years ago, at the high school where I worked across town…the building had so many windows and there was sun shining in from every angle. I would stop and bathe in the glow of the sun and just feel good. Feel connected. I felt like I was being touched by the divine. Hubby, for years, has been joking that when he calls a Sun Worshiper, I actually am…that it goes beyond sunbathing.

Years ago. The golden threads of the Norns have brought me to where I am now.