Meal blessings

Published October 26, 2016 by Lunapo

Charging of food, a meal blessing, being aware of where you food comes from and how it gets to you, gives the food meaning and gives you more connection to the cycle of life. 

Beginning two weeks ago, we started regularly blessing our meals before we eat. It is something Witchlette looks forward to as she gets to help say the blessing and has a chance to blow out the candle after we have eaten. 

Her favorite part is to bless the farmers. 

We start with blessings to the various animals who have given of themselves, the plants who have given of themselves, the farmers who raised the animals and worked the fields, the butchers who slautered and prepared the meat, and to the cooks who made the meal. 

“One life essence to nourish the life essence of another. Blessed Be.”

The candle glows for all of the meal. After we have finished, the kids take turns blowing out the candle. 

My hope is to have the kids conscious of all their meals and to begin blessing meals beyond meals at the table at home. 

30 Days: First Contact

Published October 25, 2016 by Lunapo

I have written previously of the winding road I have taken with identifying Thor as my Patron. I would hail The Thunderer during each storm. At PPD 2014, I had a rune reading done which showed that a deity was watching over me: Ullr. After doing much research, and reading more of the Eddas, I found there was little I had in common with Ullr, but he lead me back to Thor.

Between having Witchlette and this time frame, I truly took in Frigg as a mother goddess who is there to guide women through labor and birthing and bless the babies as they arrive. I wished I had known her throughout my pregnancy with Witchlette. Luckily, I did know her during my pregnancy with Witchling and knew I could call on her throughout my pregnancy and in the delivery room.

Tiredness and the need for sleep got the best of me, and I still did not regularly call on her- I was too tired to call on anyone- but I did ask for her blessing when I went into labor, and while doctor’s and I were making the decision of delivery method.

My physical recovery with Witchling was significantly easier and faster. Despite having a repeat C-section, I was discharged at the rate of a vaginal birth. Other factors contribute to this, but Frigg’s blessing, I wholeheartedly believe, played a role.

After physical recovery came the emotional journey. Faith in everything waned. One afternoon, I saw the moon and offered a blessing to it. That’s when the feather arrived. That’s when research led me to see more of Frigg and get to know her.

Extended first contact.

A little death makes life more meaningful

Published October 25, 2016 by Lunapo

Weeks ago, Witchlette asked me where babies come from. I smiled and told her, remember when Witchling was growing in my belly?

Slightly exasperated, she said, Before that, Mama.

Ok, well…I remembered back to what I discussed with my grandfather before he passed. He asked me what I believed happened after death. I shared with him what I call The Ether.

The Ether is a delightful place. It is a place of warmth, comfort, and love. It is a place where your spirit rests and recharges after death.

This is what I explained to Witchlette. The Ether is where your spirit is before you are born. When the baby is ready to grow in the mama’s belly, the daddy gives a seed to put into the mama’s egg. The spirit leaves The Ether and enters the baby. Then, the baby is born.

About a week ago, Witchlette experienced her first death. My mom had to say goodbye to her pup, who she has had since I went away to college and who the little Witches played with each week. I sat her down and reviewed our discussion of The Ether. I explained that that is a place where spirits are before they are born and it’s where they go back to after they have died. We talked about physical bodies breaking down due to illness and the physical body passing away while the spiritual body goes to The Ether. She took it all very well with an understanding far beyond her years.

Rest well Pup.

[titular inspiration]

Samhain and me

Published October 24, 2016 by Lunapo

Halloween was always my favorite holiday, well before I had a real-world connotation for “witch”. In elementary school, when naming our favorite times of year, mine was always fall/Halloween. All through high school and college I tried to recapture the spirit of Halloween with and without the horror some like to parade this time of year. The horror isn’t my style. 

It wasn’t until after I started walking this path, and walking on it for many years, that I realized the connection. 

Halloween was always my favorite time of year. 

Samhain is the highest holiday for Pagans. Samhain is the Witch’s new year. 

Halloween is Samhain. 

Another example of ending up where I was always meant to be. Another example of being a natural born Witch. 

30 days: Frigg 101

Published October 21, 2016 by Lunapo

An introduction into the deity of discussion: Frigg

Frigg is the Allmother, wife of Odin, the Allfather. She is mother to Balder and Hod, step-mother to Thor.

Frigg is the weaver of the clouds, sitting at her spinning wheel and pulling misty threads into puffs that line the sky.

Image result for frigg riding a broom

Some sources indicate that when she has deemed that the clouds have accumulated too heavily, she sweeps them away on the broom she rides upon before sitting back at her spinning wheel and spinning again.

She is a seer, a volva, who knows that fate of all, but shares this knowledge with no one.

She is the keeper of women, wives, and children; sacred to the household and the hearth. She is typically seen as manifested in the realm of motherly and wifely, though not romanitic, love. Though, as any woman knows, it is rather difficult to be a wife and nearly impossible to be a mother without engaging in romantic love. And it would not make for a good, healthy marriage, to forgo the romantic love. Alas, Frigg is manifested in love experienced by the feminine experience. (I’ll touch more on this later).

30 Days

Published October 20, 2016 by Lunapo

Recently, I wrote about a gift I received, which I deducted was gifted from Frigg.  Upon learning this, I became embarrassed that the figure I hold high as my Patroness was so unknown to me. I decided to undertake the 30 days meme to research and explore Frigg Allmother and share here what I have learned.

  1. Basic Introduction
  2. How did you first become aware of Frigg
  3. Symbols sacred to Frigg
  4. Favorite myth about Frigg
  5. Members of the family- genealogy
  6. Other related deities and associates
  7. Names and epithets
  8. Variations
  9. Common mistakes
  10. Offerings
  11. Festivals
  12. Places associated with Frigg
  13. Modern cultural issues closest to this deity’s heart
  14. Worship changed in modern times?
  15. Mundane practices associated with this deity
  16. How does she represent the values of the pantheon and cultural origins?
  17. How does she relate to other deities and other pantheons?
  18. How does this deity stand in terms of gender and sexuality, historically and updated?
  19. What qualities do you most admire? What qualities do you find the most troubling?
  20. Art that reminds you of this deity
  21. Music that makes you think of this deity
  22. A quote/poem/writing which resonates with this deity
  23. My own composition for Frigg
  24. A time when she has helped me
  25. A time when she has not helped me
  26. How has our relationship changed over time
  27. Worst conception about this deity that I have encountered
  28. Something you wish you knew but don’t currently
  29. Any interesting or unusual UPG to share
  30. Suggestions for those who just started to learn about this deity

More to come🙂

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