Why I’ve been so quiet…

Have you ever had to hold a secret for so long, that you just couldn’t anymore? And you were so afraid of saying something, that you decided to just say nothing?

Well…that’s been me the past few weeks. And that’s the biggest reason why my blog has gone a bit more silent than usual. 

I haven’t been secretive, at least not until after the fact, about my struggles to conceive Witchlette. It felt a bit shameful to be a 27 year old who was otherwise healthy but was “broken” and couldn’t have children. But it was something that was overcome and made me stronger, and quite a bit more stubborn and direct. In the end, it worked out wonderfully because I have my wonderful, intelligent, independent, playful, happy, beautiful, healthy daughter. 

Apparently Mother Frigg and Lady Danu decided I was a fit vessel to go again. As my best friend said, “This is the Universe’s way of saying, ‘You did great! Here, have another!'” 

Witchlette, Hubby, and I will be welcoming Baby 2- Witchling for the purposes of this blog- in September. 


We are over the Moon thrilled to be parents to another little life. Witchlette is already starting to prepare. I am two weeks into the second trimester (15 weeks) and it is waaaaay too early to really start driving the point home to Witchlette of Baby, but we talk about Baby at least once a day. We are continuing with our Dr. Seuss obsession and already have wall art of One Fish Two Fish to go up in the room. Witchlette knows what they are and what they’re for- she proudly calls them “Baby’s fish”. 

It feels pretty good this time around to be more or less following the Wheel…growing with the Spring, nice and plump and ripening through the summer, and Baby is due the day after Mabon, so coming into the world at the harvest. 

Blessings Abound!!!


Life Update

It’s been a short while…and it’ll be a short while more because…


FTG born 6/29/13 at 10:13 pm 7 lbs 4 oz 21 in

I was greatly looking forward to a natural birth without pain medication so I could have the full feminine experience. Unfortunately other cards were in the works for us. I never went into labor, I never felt a contraction or any kind of birthing pain. I didn’t have the chance to feel her head as she began to emerge. Rather than feeling the gush of my water breaking, I felt a gush of blood. My gut told me to get to the hospital immediately. We arrived less than half an hour after things started and my daughter was here later that night.

If not for a procedural birth (i.e. Caesarian), it is uncertain if either one of us would be here today. That is a small price to pay to have life. She is a wonderful baby and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Modern Baby

I’m in full on nesting. I’m enjoying cleaning and organizing all of the stuff we have for Witchlette. And damn does she have a lot if stuff.

We’ve got a lot of clothes, luckily they range in size from 3 months-24 month so we won’t be getting rid of all the clothes at one time just to go out and get more.

We’ve got a ton of towels. And a lot of blankets. I don’t see how we can possibly use them all…

We have a crib and dresser, but these items were made to grow with her. The crib turns into a full-size bed.

We have a bouncey seat, which was a hand-me-down. If not, we would not have gotten one.

We do not have a bassinet or a co-sleeper type device.

We do not have a swing.

We do not have a play pen.

We do not have a gym or a play mat.

We do not have a full high chair. (Instead we have an in-chair high chair which converts to a booster seat).

Safety items and things already listed aside, we don’t really have a lot of “stuff”. Walking through baby stores, it amazes me how much stuff there is and how much parents “need” in order to successfully raise their child.

How in the world did women through the ages raise their children? How in the world did we ever survive our own childhoods?

Hubby and I have committed ourselves to raising a minimalist child. We have committed ourselves to being minimalist parents. She may or may not follow in our footsteps, though at least as far as respectfully using resources is concerned, I really hope she does.

Baby Wednesday- Chakras

Saturday night I did a chakra meditation; it was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever encountered.

The Canes game was on, and so was the fireplace. Between periods, I sat on the floor by the fire. I felt compelled to close my eyes and *WOOSH* my Crown Chakra lit up. It was intense. The pull to the Divine was AMAZING. Normally I do Chakra meditations from the Root up. That night, I was pulled to the Crown, so I started with the Crown and worked my way down. My Crown was buzzing the whole time I unzipped. Third Eye, Throat, Heart, and Navel were typical. Intense, but nothing particularly unusual. When I got to my Sacral Chakra…now that was Magickal. There was an orange glow, with a muddle of white, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red swirling within the orange glow. I saw Baby’s Chakras. Oh, it was so beautiful. I stayed in the moment for as long as I could before I started to feel like I would float away. I moved down to the Root and attempted to re-ground myself but I was too enthralled with seeing Baby’s Chakras. Then, my Crown Chakra started buzzing more and more so I went back to it. The feeling began to mellow, and a flowed with it, mellowing out, coming down. Then it was gone.

But it was so beautiful. Beyond beautiful.

And the Universe put me back into myself just in time for the puck to drop for the next period.

Magick Apple Stars

Sunday afternoon I was playing with my new dehydrator, cutting apples for apple chips. I’ve already said, both on this blog and with Hubby, that I plan on using apples as a main teaching device for our Witchlet.

Sunday, after I cut an apple in half horizontally, I smiled to hubby and said “look, Magick apple stars”. He smiled back, saying that name is adorable. We talked about our Witchlet and how we don’t want to put them in any kind of awkward position with what to mention and what not to mention at too young of an age. I don’t want my kids to get bullied or picked on by saying something personal to the wrong person. So, Hubby and I decided that we will teach Witchlet about Magick apple stars. It’s something beautiful found nature, and should s/he say anything, what’s a bully’s response? It’s a natural element!