Summer Routine

Free play with a toddler is draining. Mentally draining. I’m all up for pretend play- take our figures, cars, buildings and make a little world. Have everyone interact. Make a little story. 

But Witchlette isn’t there yet. She’s getting much closer, but she’s not there yet. And I adamantly refuse to have her know my face only around the corners of my screen. I may pick up my phone to text Hubby or snap a quick photo, but typically, the phone is on the table and sits around until nap time. Facebook app has been uninstalled to make this more possible. Take away the bate and the fish won’t bite. 

So, free play. Can’t do it on a daily basis. Her attention is still in small increments and her imagination is still developing. To have a fulfilling summer, we have a schedule. Each morning between breakfast and nap has an activity. Each afternoon has some reading time (Witchlette’s favorite activity) and free play while I work on dinner. 

Make it Monday

-We bake. Last week we made rice crispy treats and waffles. This week, we made Witchlette’s birthday cupcakes (her 2nd birthday was yesterday!) Next week, more waffles and cookies. 

Take a Tour Tuesday

-Last week and today we went to a children’s museum in Durham where I have a membership. Next week, we’ll be going to the State museum then lunch with Hubby who works near by. 

Wonder Wednesday 

-Toddler story time at the library followed by choosing some books 

Thrifty Thursday*

-A craft based on a book. Last week we made an ABC “sunshine” with a paper plate and clothes pins while reading Dr. Seuss’s ABCs. This week we’re going to make salt fire works, since our town’s celebration will be that night. We’ll read a Captain America book to go with it. Next week is egg carton caterpillars and pipe cleaner/tissue paper butterflies with Hungry Hungry Caterpillar.  

*This may become Thoughtful Thursday as she becomes older and more aware of her surrounding community. These activities will move to Wonder Wednesday as she will age out of library story time.  

Free-spirit Friday

-If it’s not oppressingly hot, we will take some sand toys, bubbles, and chalk to a park and play outside. All of the local playgrounds have sand pits and many have swings. Almost all of them are based in a park with a great deal of woodlands and a green way. If it’s too warm to go to a park, we will hit the community pool before lunch. 

Yesterday, Witchlette helped to make her birthday cupcakes. This is a big reason why I don’t want a play kitchen for her. Not only do we not have the room for it, it’s inauthentic. She helps us cook and bake with real food and real developmentally appropriate kitchen tools. 

Any way, we made two batches of “just for two” cupcakes. One chocolate and one vanilla. Witchlette helped level the flour, and poured in the salt and baking powder. She also helped mix. For topping, we made cookies and cream whipped topping. 

Hubby calls is “Baking with Thor”

Finished product



4 thoughts on “Summer Routine

  1. wgr56 says:

    I enjoy reading about great moms, and you certainly qualify. The attention you pay to your young one will benefit both of you for the rest of your lives. Blessings on your family. /I\

    • Lunapo says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate being classified as a “great mom”, being a mom is what I truly think I was built for, ever since I was little myself.

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