“…so, I meditated…”

With parenting, most of what Hubby and I imbue on our children is a team effort. We share 99.99% of the same values and want our children to have them as well.

Typical parent stuff.

Be kind. Be respectful. Be patient. Be confident. Give effort. Have fun. Be silly. Embrace your smarts and use your powers for good.

The 00.01% where I differ from Hubby is with spirituality.

We are on the same page that we do not want our children brainwashed and indoctrinated into an organized religion. We are on the same page that we do not want our children exposed to Yahweh for as long as we can help it.

Hubby is on board for me raising our children as Pagan. They care for their environment. They have personal accountability. They believe in the old ways. They enjoy hearing stories of their ancestors. My kids also have been exposed to my yoga and meditation practice.

Yesterday, after school, Witchlette informed me that she was troubled by not being able to go to her preferred center during free play yesterday. She then went on and explained how, rather than get upset and frustrated, she sat down and meditated. “I didn’t get what I wanted and I was upset. But I didn’t want to cry, so I meditated.” Then, she went and read a book in the cozy corner.

I heart burst with love and pride from this little girl.

I must be doing something right.



Witchling is my last baby. And he’s not even a baby anymore 😭

This morning, I was having a bout of the lastisms. I have “baby fever” every so often, when I miss the teeny tiny snuggles that having a baby completely reliant of you entailed.

But I don’t miss anything else that comes with having a baby. At. All.

When Witchling bounds over to me and asks me in his super sweet big boy voice to scoop me up and snuggle him, my heart just melts.

This morning, we’re sitting at breakfast at our local donut and biscuit shop, when I start sharing with Hubby some of my lastisms. I’m between misting and crying, and Hubby jokes that I should hold onto these until Witchling is 12…or 30. Witchling then jumps up and declares potty, so Hubby takes him.

As if on cue, his lullaby, Everlong (Foo Fighters) begins playing on the radio in the shop. Witchling and Hubby emerge between the first and second verses and before the first refrain. Witchling realizes what song is playing, gives me the biggest hug, and sits with me, singing along to the rest of the song.

These moments. These are what matter.

Snow day!

Today was quite the snow day in Raleigh!

We made a snowman!

Witchling ate quite a few snowballs

Witchlette pranced, stomped, galloped, and explored

And she made quite the snow angel

We also conducted an experiment. 

My hypothesis: the house is so warm, the snowball will melt

Witchlette’s hypothesis: the snowball is so cold, it will not melt

Witchling ate his hypothesis before we got inside. 

Upon arrival

10 min later

Total melt time: 1h47m

Lastly, we made snow cream for dessert!!

I put out three bowls to be sure we caught enough

Oh boy did we catch enough!

Modified recipe: double milk, vanilla, and snow. Add 1/3 C sugar

My school is already closed for tomorrow, so we have snow day part 2 tomorrow!


Hate is learned. So is charity.Β 

I’ve written before that I ensure my children understand what it means to give back to their community. Every few months, we donate to the food bank. I am looking into regularly making shoeboxes for women’s shelters. We also irregularly donate bedding to the animal shelter. 

Last week, we were playing at my mom’s house after work before heading home. Witchlette gave me a tattoo. She then charged me $5. And said all of the money would be donated to the food bank. 

She is able to generalize charity into her play. 



Sun Wheel Week 3

This week, we began wrapping holiday gifts and welcomed the third element to our Sun Wheel. 

Witchling asked about the meaning of “so mote it be” and Witchlette explained it’s like “blessed be,” but said at the end of Magick. I elaborated that we were asking for Water to bless us and so mote it be finishes the blessing. 

We welcome back Air, that we may speak our truths, and Fire, that we may be light bearers. 

This evening, we welcome water- the ruler of emotions that can trickle like a melting icicle or roar like a massive waterfall. Allow us to tap into our intrinsic wisdom which springs from our deepest emotions and allow us to ebb and flow as the Wheel continues to turn. 

So mote it be. 

I was feeling rather punny this evening 😊


Ancestor veneration

Witchlette is very interested in her ancestors. It started back with Moana and her favorite character, the Ancestor Chief with the pineapple crown. This is especially relevant in November, as everywhere there is discussions of family and heritage. 

For a school project, Witchlette is competing a family tree. We went back to mine and Hubby’s great grandparents. 

Both Witchlette and Witchling sleep with blankies made by Grandma Glory. Witchlette was making holiday cards for some family members, and Witchling made a card for Grandpa Chet. 

The ancestors are very much alive in our home. 


Revisiting SPP

SPP: Sex Positive Parenting

It’s why my children know all of their body parts by their proper medical names. Granted, they both call their toes “piggies” and Witchling misunderstood “piggies” so he has “pickles”…but they know their genitalia by medical names that would be found in a biology text book. 

While I was pregnant with Witchling, Witchlette, then 2, asked where babies come from. 

The Eather. Spirits are in the Eather before someone is born and aftersomeone has died. 

No Mama, after that. 

They grow in mommies’ bellies. 

No mama, before that. How do they get into the mommies’ bellies?

Ok…this was my put your money where your mouth is moment. 

Daddies have seeds and mommies have eggs. Daddies give a seed to the mommies. The mommies put the seed into the egg and the egg goes into her belly where the baby grows. 

Fast forward two years. She explained to her friend over lunch (with both me and friend’s mom present) where babies come from. 

Fast forward to last night. 

Rather than an Asgard story, Witchlette asked for science. We talked about DNA. And how DNA starts in the seed and egg. 

How does the seed and egg get into the belly?

Ok… mechanical question? Nope. I’m not ready for that. 

So, I put my theological beliefs into it: Magick. 

Magick to me is science and metascience. Flowers blooming is Magick. Sun rising is Magick. Conception is Magick. 

Is that really true?

Yes, sweety, it is. And maybe in a few years Mama will be ready for the mechanics of how the seed gets to the egg and how the egg gets to the belly.