Sun Wheel Week 3

This week, we began wrapping holiday gifts and welcomed the third element to our Sun Wheel. 

Witchling asked about the meaning of “so mote it be” and Witchlette explained it’s like “blessed be,” but said at the end of Magick. I elaborated that we were asking for Water to bless us and so mote it be finishes the blessing. 

We welcome back Air, that we may speak our truths, and Fire, that we may be light bearers. 

This evening, we welcome water- the ruler of emotions that can trickle like a melting icicle or roar like a massive waterfall. Allow us to tap into our intrinsic wisdom which springs from our deepest emotions and allow us to ebb and flow as the Wheel continues to turn. 

So mote it be. 

I was feeling rather punny this evening 😊


Ancestor veneration

Witchlette is very interested in her ancestors. It started back with Moana and her favorite character, the Ancestor Chief with the pineapple crown. This is especially relevant in November, as everywhere there is discussions of family and heritage. 

For a school project, Witchlette is competing a family tree. We went back to mine and Hubby’s great grandparents. 

Both Witchlette and Witchling sleep with blankies made by Grandma Glory. Witchlette was making holiday cards for some family members, and Witchling made a card for Grandpa Chet. 

The ancestors are very much alive in our home. 

Revisiting SPP

SPP: Sex Positive Parenting

It’s why my children know all of their body parts by their proper medical names. Granted, they both call their toes “piggies” and Witchling misunderstood “piggies” so he has “pickles”…but they know their genitalia by medical names that would be found in a biology text book. 

While I was pregnant with Witchling, Witchlette, then 2, asked where babies come from. 

The Eather. Spirits are in the Eather before someone is born and aftersomeone has died. 

No Mama, after that. 

They grow in mommies’ bellies. 

No mama, before that. How do they get into the mommies’ bellies?

Ok…this was my put your money where your mouth is moment. 

Daddies have seeds and mommies have eggs. Daddies give a seed to the mommies. The mommies put the seed into the egg and the egg goes into her belly where the baby grows. 

Fast forward two years. She explained to her friend over lunch (with both me and friend’s mom present) where babies come from. 

Fast forward to last night. 

Rather than an Asgard story, Witchlette asked for science. We talked about DNA. And how DNA starts in the seed and egg. 

How does the seed and egg get into the belly?

Ok… mechanical question? Nope. I’m not ready for that. 

So, I put my theological beliefs into it: Magick. 

Magick to me is science and metascience. Flowers blooming is Magick. Sun rising is Magick. Conception is Magick. 

Is that really true?

Yes, sweety, it is. And maybe in a few years Mama will be ready for the mechanics of how the seed gets to the egg and how the egg gets to the belly. 

Exploring Curiosity

E and her parents came over to play yesterday. We swam, played at home, ate dinner, and shared dessert. 

Since it was the Full Moon, I had planned a small dinner ritual based around the Thunder Moon and Thor. 

E’s mom and dad were very polite during the meal blessing and Moon Rite. This was new to E, but she was as good as a 4 year old who is hungry and has a plate of food before her that she cannot yet eat can be expected to be. 

Witchlette and Witchling participated in the Moon Rite, specifically when I asked for Thunder Claps. K, E’s mom, also helped with the clapping. We hailed to Thor and made special recognition to Sif. 

At this point, Witchlette took over by explaining all of the Thor related Asgard stories she could muster between bites of lasagna. Really loud Thunder is Thor hitting frost giants, rock giants, and Loki. Loki cut off all of Sif’s hair because he’s the trouble making trickster. But he didn’t steal Thor’s hammer, but he helped him get it back. 

It made me proud that she cares enough to listen and learn the stories. 

What makes me even more proud is how she is recognizing different pantheneons. Yesterday morning, we watched Moana and at the end, Witchlette remarked Maui is a god like Thor is a god. She then asked me to tell her Maui stories like I tell her Asgard stories. Since I don’t know any Maui stories, we found some on YouTube. We watched 8 Polynesian myths, 5 of them about Maui, 2 of them done in the native language with subtitles I read to her, but also let her hear the language. 4 of the 5 stories we watched we’re within Maui’s “You’re Welcome” diddy. This gave Witchlette a connection back to what she knew, but also provided much more detail than one line from a Disney song. 

My Pagan tribe compliment with how they wish they could be my kids because they see the way my Littles are raised, how Witchlette’s curiosity is encouraged and her spirituality isn’t tied to one set of players. Heck, it isn’t necessarily tied to any real deities. Remember the Turtle Circle?

I hope she can continue to follow her own path, whatever that maybe, that she will hold strong when folks tell her she’s wrong. Because they will. Because people are assholes. I hope she tells Turtle Power and Blessed Be. 

Bedtime Blues

Witchlette psyches herself out. 

She has dreams, including day dreams, which scare her. 

The latest is the highly frightening skull and crossbones which appears in the Simpsons movie. 

Hubby and I explained it’s not evil, it’s ridiculous. It’s to show the lake is now poison. It’s made from pig poop. 

When those didn’t work, I changed tactic. We can’t reason with her, then we have to get her feeling safe. 

I sprayed her sleep spray on her bed. She sat on my lap. I told her to put her hands over her bed and we called on Sunna for sunlight, Mani for moonlight, Balder god of light, Skadi protective goddess (and potentially Witchlette’s person) all to protect her and keep her safe from any bad dreams and for Frigg to hold her in her arms all night through. 

So mote it be I said. 

So mote it be she said. 

There was a physical change in relaxation within her and she easily climbed into bed. She was exhausted after her long full day. We did a rainbow meditation to seal the deal and she is now sound asleep. No muss, no fuss, no tears. 

Some parents use the deities for fear and control. I use them for comfort and solace. Seems to make more sense…

Freaky Friday on Thursday

Witchlette has refused to partake in any of the book crafts I have planned for the summer. She has also refused non-book crafts. She’s just not feeling art right now. She’s not very artsy and is “required” to do art in school, so I am not about to force her to complete art at home if she doesn’t want to. 

She does, however, want to do science just about every day. 

On her birthday, when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she responded that she didn’t know. It used to be doctor, but it became ninja, but then knowing that isn’t real, it became unknown. 

A few days later, it became scientist. 


So this morning, when she asked to do experiments instead of art, then swim the next day, who was I to say, “No”?

We retried elephant toothpaste. Still not as advertised, but we still have the ingredients we bought soley for this and will try it again next week. 

Almost elephant toothpaste

We also did an alkaseltzer lava lamp, which was a huge hit. 

Witchlette wanted this rather artsy picture, so her outlet may be photography

And of course, after we finished our three experiments (we did toothpaste twice), we had free play…

This is precisely why I didn’t mop last night

…before going to rinse off in the shower and have lunch.