An impromptu trip

Today, after errands and lunch, the kids and I explored a new playground.

It just so happened to be on the beach at Jordan lake. So we made a pit stop.

No swim suits, no towels, no sand toys. Just the sun, the sand, and three sets of feet.

Witchling found some sticks, and made lots of designs in the sand.

Witchlette wouldn’t come out of the water.

Granted, she couldn’t go in far because no swim suits, but still wouldn’t leave the water’s edge.

As we sat on the sand, I confirmed that this is my idea of a beach.

Surrounded by trees on all sides, behind us and across the lake. In the middle of the woods. My happy place.


The next day

Woke up this morning feeling very well. Despite Witchling being up twice overnight and it being my turn to tend to him, I wasn’t sleepy upon wake. 

This morning we went to Rise for breakfast, then to the circus with Hubby’s parents. 

I was very impressed with the lack of whips and force put towards the cats. The man had a long stick with a pointy end which he used to scewer meat and feed it to cats upon completion of a trick and an even longer stick with a frayed string at the end. 

This, but imagine a much bigger kitty

Witchling took a nap on me for the tail end of the show, as it was nap time and he was ready. The four of us got home and Hubby and I split the kids. He and Witchlette went driving, Witchling and I went to the playground. 

Witchling climbed the steps, crawled through the tunnel and made his way to the biggest slide. Twice. Third time he went back and forth through the tunnel. Then, after asking to get down, he walked to the gate and said bye bye home. I asked if he wanted to go for a walk or go home, and he said walk, so we took to the trail. 

Shorts in Feb!

When I stop for long moments, I still have a tingle. All through the woods, I could feel the vibration. 

During our meditation, after connecting with Her and feeling Her presence, I was told, “She has another name. Find her other name.” I did some reading this morning, and I feel I may be onto something. More reading is needed and I will share my discovery. 

Turning Wheel

Last night as I was falling asleep, I had a poem flow through me. I stubbornly decided I was awake enough at the time of its inception that I would be able to remember the whole thing in the morning. Alas…I had bits and pieces and one line from each stanza. What I remember: sunshine through the leaves, the word “canopy”, “birdsong in the distance”, “gold and auburn dancers”, “bare and barren bark”, and the idea and imagery of buds stretching and reaching towards the sun. Using that, here is what I have created:

Turning Wheel
Bathed in sunlight,
Look up to the canopy.
Full, thick, green.
Here and there come sunbeams
Directly to my face.
Birdsong in the distance,
Nature’s my embrace.
Bathed in sunlight,
Look up to the canopy.
Gold and auburn dancers
Flit and flutter down,
Circling round to rest at my toes.
Critters rustle in the distance,
Nature’s my embrace.
Bathed in sunlight,
Look up to the canopy.
Bare and barren bark is left,
No signs of life to see
As all is resting through the cold.
Silence ringing in the distance,
Nature’s my embrace.
Bathed in sunlight,
Look up to the canopy.
Buds explode, reaching for the sun
Excited for this new cycle
And new life that’s just begun.
Birdsong in the distance,
Nature’s my embrace.

Alone Time

I’ll be the first to admit: I don’t do well alone. I have a long history of going to an ugly, dark place when the only voice in my head is my own. I drive, work, cook, clean, and bathe with music blaring in the background.

Interestingly, since we cut cable I have become more addicted to TV. Nothing ground breaking or life changing. Just to have some far away company.

Last night, Hubby mentioned he wanted to go biking this morning. We both love biking through the woods. He handles hills better than I do. I said no problem. I’ll hang out at home. (I had to give up biking myself for the rest of the pregnancy due to insufficient breathing.) But Hubby had another idea. He went biking, I went hiking. Something I LOVE to do, something we do quite often when the weather agrees. Something I absolutely NEED the way I need air. A connection to the natural world around me.

I explored a new trail, hiked about 3 miles in total. I ended up in the woods on the wrong side of the lake.

And it was virtually silent.

It was me and nature. The breeze rustling the leaves, the birds singing…and silence.

It was liberating.

Reconnected, refreshed, recharged.

Blessed Be.