Black Wolf


Yesterday, I was nominated for the Black Wolf award by Elfkat. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I am honored that anyone takes the time to visit my little corner of the interwebs and check into what me and my clan. 

This award is super cool to receive since my Magick name and Pagan Penname is Lunapo “Moon Wolf”. I’ve always had an attraction to the Wolf and have always had a strong connection to canines. I draw the majority of my Magick from the Moon, just like the Wolf. 

I would like to nominate:

1) The Traveling Broomstick 

2) Ozark Pagan Mamma

3) Stone of Destiny

4) Moonbeam Momma

5) The Heathen Witch

Honorable mentions to The Ditzy Druid and (formally) Musings of a Kitchen Witch as both were nominated by Elfkat when I was nominated. 

Full Moon Muse

Sunday night at COTE, we did a Full Moon ritual for January’s Wolf Moon.

Later that night, as I began to fall asleep, I had a vision of a wolf howling at the moon. I opened by bedside notebook and wrote this:

She calls to me.
My body tingles and yearns to answer.
Beyond the trees
Snow white perfect Circle
Glows in contrast
To the surrounding darkness.
She calls again.
Her howl is unmistakeable
Piercing through the
I am her.
She is me.
Moon Wolf.
Tonight and always.

I believe part of where this came from is my Magickal affinity. My Magickal/pen name, as you know, is Lunapo: Luna Lupo. Moon Wolf. Lunapo. The Circle tapped into the spirit of the Wolf. Something was reignited. Something beautiful and powerful.