Traditional alignment

Yesterday was groundhog day. Phil saw his shadow, informing us that winter is still six weeks away. …which it is, as there are six weeks between Imbolc and Ostera, but it will feel like winter for these last six weeks. 

However, it was also nearly 70 degrees on Imbolc. 

Both tradions agree, it will be cold between now and Ostera. 


Yule Blessings!

Yule, the Winter Solstice. Meteorlogically, winter started on December 1st. Solarly, it began on Mabon, at the Autumn Equinox. By the time we are at Yule, we have been in the Meteorlogical winter for 20 days and the Solar winter for about three months. Yet seasonally, Yule is the official start of winter. While the Sun has returned and the days will begin to grow longer, the weather will also grow colder. The Oak King has finally fallen away and his twin brother, the Holly King, rises up and rules his half of the year when the only greenery around are the evergreen plants which, like him, do not ever go dormant and are only fully recognized at a time when all other plant life is at rest.

May Yule Blessings reach out to you and yours at this season and every day.

Back into the Swing of Things

So the holiday season has officially ended. This weekend we took down the decorations, boxed everything up, put it back in the attic. All the gifts are away, some in cycle before the tree went up.

The house is back to its unseasonable normal. It’s a little sad.

One of the cultural reasons winter celebrations were started was because of the dreariness that is winter. It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s it’s brown. The winter festivities brought everyone together and celebrated the spring that is, day by day, coming.

Solstice has passed, so the days are beginning to get longer. It’s a wonderful feeling. When we took down our outside decorations, we noticed the daffodils are already beginning to bud (waaaay to early, but it was still nice to see!).

But it’s still only early January. It’s still dark and it’s still cold and it’s still brown. Green is coming, but the Yule decor is a direct symbol of the impending spring. And now it’s packed away back in the attic.

And now we have to wait to see [more] of the sun. Feel the warmth. Smell and touch the green.

At least I have my growing Witchlet to occupy me while I wait for spring!