This morning, Witchling remained in bed until shortly after 7. Yay Saturday!

When he started to sound restless, I called in on his monitor and invited him to come lay with us until Witchlette awoke and they could have tablet time together.

I asked him how he slept, and he said good. He then said he had dreams.

What did you dream of?



No, Gods.

Oh! Which ones.

Loki and Thor. Does Thor have a hammer?


What does Loki have?


No, he holds something. … Is Loki a good guy or a bad guy?

He can be a good guy, but he also can be a bad guy.

Oh. Is Iron Man a good guy?


Ok. Can we watch cooking videos?

My main takeaway is that while most of what he understands of the lore is still based in Marvel, he distinguishes heroes and Gods. It’s definitely a start.


Color me late

So, I just recently realized something.

And I know I am late to this party.

I was late to this party by the time I was born.

I realized last week that I really really like Led Zepplin.

Yes, this realization stems directly from seeing Thor: Ragnarok for the second time for a friend’s birthday gathering and becoming midly obsessed with Immigrant Song.

My point…

…other than admitting that I missed the boat by decades…

…my point is, after listening to the lyrics of the song, other than that they make my Heathen happy…

…yes, I’m going to get political for a moment…

Recently, it had been shared that certain folks wish that only certain folks from certain countries would emigrate from their country to ours.

Those folks, first of all, would never leave their “one of the best countries in the world” homelands to come here. In their homelands, they have free medical care, maternal and paternal leave with an actual focus on family values, and a better education system than this country.

They didn’t always love their lands, however, and they at many points in history left the brutality of their homes. In search for more fertile farmland. In search for a more temperate climate. In search of gold and treasure. After all, Vikings are the original ganstas. 

On we sweep with threshing oar
Our only goal will be the western shore

Image result for vikings sailing west

And truth be told…they weren’t always taken in by happy hosts.



Thor: Ragnarok: a modern Heathen perspective

This evening, Hubby and I saw Thor: Ragnarok. 

Holy shit balls!!!

Minor spoilers ahead. 

So, we know Marvel canon does not follow the canon of lore. Loki is Odin’s son and Thor’s brother, rather than Odin’s [blood] brother. Hella is Odin’s daughter, not Loki’s, and sister to Thor and Loki. Fenris is Hella’s beloved pup. 

Reference to lore canon: 

Odin mentions it took him a long while to break Loki’s spell, and Frigga would be proud of him. Why else would Frigga be proud unless she taught him, because she is a Seidr. 

Heimdall is the protector of the common people along side Thor, referencing his being the father of mankind. 

Odin used to be a bloodthirsty warrior, but one day he decided to change and become a benevolent king. This would reference Odin Allfather changing from a god of war to include the god of poetry. He stopped wandering to slay and started wandering for the sake of wanderlust. As the people evolved, so did the gods. 

When Thor loses his hammer, he goes through the pain of castration as he does in the lore when it is stolen from him and he must dress as a bride to get it back. 

Thor and Loki go on an adventure side by side and, while they don’t always get along, they complete the journey together. 

All in all, this is the Thor movie we have deserved since Thor’s inception. We can ignore all of dark world and the continued attempt to shoe horn Jane’s character into the Marvel canon. Thor becomes a full god, while lightning exuding from him, as he is depicted in many many paintings. 

Returning to my roots

Three weeks ago, I spent the non-student work days setting up my workspace and the beginnings of my instructional materials. 

This year, after a two-year hiatus, I am returning to my roots and going back to what I know best. 

I’m going back to the classroom. 

A few weeks ago, at the CotE Urban Paganism workshop, I hit on an idea I hadn’t thought of before: setting up sacred space at my place of work. 

I had mini Mason jars filled and set for rituals without candles, but they are now present at work. 

Additionally, I collected the two crow feathers I have gathered from work the last few years and places them within the frames of my kids’ pictures. 

Perhaps one for Hunnin and one for Munnin?

When I find something unobtrusive that would make a good Frigg totem, that will be added as well. Perhaps also something for Thor, Sif, and Idunn. 

Reconciling the whole thing

Not directly Swedish. No significant amount of Scandinavian. Not a strong heritage tie to my gods as I thought there was. But every area report included a section about the Vikings. 

Thursday night, as I was initially processing the  whole thing, I was reminded by a dear friend: 

We are who we choose to be. You’ve made your choice, and I think whether you’re kith or kin to the Vikings of old, you’re still invited into the hall. 

Friday morning, I meditated with Frigg, Thor, Odin, Heimdall, Loki, Braggi, Idunn… and thanked them for calling to me, knowing I was kith and not kin. It felt right. It felt whole. 

It also had really good timing, as I’ve been trying to balance my Witch practice with the Pantheon of my deities. Now I fully see they called to me for me, and I will continue to incorporate them into my Magick, rather than change my Magick to match them. 

Skal and Blessed Be.