Thor: Ragnarok: a modern Heathen perspective

This evening, Hubby and I saw Thor: Ragnarok. 

Holy shit balls!!!

Minor spoilers ahead. 

So, we know Marvel canon does not follow the canon of lore. Loki is Odin’s son and Thor’s brother, rather than Odin’s [blood] brother. Hella is Odin’s daughter, not Loki’s, and sister to Thor and Loki. Fenris is Hella’s beloved pup. 

Reference to lore canon: 

Odin mentions it took him a long while to break Loki’s spell, and Frigga would be proud of him. Why else would Frigga be proud unless she taught him, because she is a Seidr. 

Heimdall is the protector of the common people along side Thor, referencing his being the father of mankind. 

Odin used to be a bloodthirsty warrior, but one day he decided to change and become a benevolent king. This would reference Odin Allfather changing from a god of war to include the god of poetry. He stopped wandering to slay and started wandering for the sake of wanderlust. As the people evolved, so did the gods. 

When Thor loses his hammer, he goes through the pain of castration as he does in the lore when it is stolen from him and he must dress as a bride to get it back. 

Thor and Loki go on an adventure side by side and, while they don’t always get along, they complete the journey together. 

All in all, this is the Thor movie we have deserved since Thor’s inception. We can ignore all of dark world and the continued attempt to shoe horn Jane’s character into the Marvel canon. Thor becomes a full god, while lightning exuding from him, as he is depicted in many many paintings. 


Returning to my roots

Three weeks ago, I spent the non-student work days setting up my workspace and the beginnings of my instructional materials. 

This year, after a two-year hiatus, I am returning to my roots and going back to what I know best. 

I’m going back to the classroom. 

A few weeks ago, at the CotE Urban Paganism workshop, I hit on an idea I hadn’t thought of before: setting up sacred space at my place of work. 

I had mini Mason jars filled and set for rituals without candles, but they are now present at work. 

Additionally, I collected the two crow feathers I have gathered from work the last few years and places them within the frames of my kids’ pictures. 

Perhaps one for Hunnin and one for Munnin?

When I find something unobtrusive that would make a good Frigg totem, that will be added as well. Perhaps also something for Thor, Sif, and Idunn. 

Reconciling the whole thing

Not directly Swedish. No significant amount of Scandinavian. Not a strong heritage tie to my gods as I thought there was. But every area report included a section about the Vikings. 

Thursday night, as I was initially processing the  whole thing, I was reminded by a dear friend: 

We are who we choose to be. You’ve made your choice, and I think whether you’re kith or kin to the Vikings of old, you’re still invited into the hall. 

Friday morning, I meditated with Frigg, Thor, Odin, Heimdall, Loki, Braggi, Idunn… and thanked them for calling to me, knowing I was kith and not kin. It felt right. It felt whole. 

It also had really good timing, as I’ve been trying to balance my Witch practice with the Pantheon of my deities. Now I fully see they called to me for me, and I will continue to incorporate them into my Magick, rather than change my Magick to match them. 

Skal and Blessed Be. 

Revised purpose

I started the #30daysmagicalroots challenge to get back to basic Magick and build up a practice which incorporated my heathenness. 

To some extent, with the challenge itself, that was successful. 

When it came to some of the specific challnges, plants and stones, spellwriting…it felt forced for my purpose. 

My daily practice started to slip away as the summer break wound down. Daily libations began to feel rote and routine which made them lose their meaning. 

My libations aren’t what are connecting me to the gods. My thoughts and actions done with meaningful integrity in my daily life. Who I am to my children is the best honor I can give to Frigg. Who I am to my husband is another honor to Frigg. How I interact with those around me: am I hospitable and generous? Do I take a stand and follow what I believe in? 

I realized something while I was spending a quiet, tech-free weekend at a lake house with family: my crocheting has increased exponentially since I started again…and it’s been 4+ years. I could almost make a straight edge rectangle years ago. Now, I can make intricate designs without following a pattern. 

This crocheting, this wool work, is a libation to Frigg. Every time I look at the sky and see wispy clouds and am reminded of her weaving is a libation to her. 

Every time there is a storm, and I recognize Thor at it’s center is a libation to him. 

Every night at beg time when I share and Asgard story with my daughter is a gift to them. 

This week, I will be bringing a large crow feather, which I found on campus many years ago, into my classroom and inviting Odin to join me as I return to my instructional position. 

Intentions of this challenge have been met. Keep on going with my practice and my gnosis. It may not always be a clean fit, but if done with integrity, it will be done right for myself and for my honoring of the gods. 

Exploring Curiosity

E and her parents came over to play yesterday. We swam, played at home, ate dinner, and shared dessert. 

Since it was the Full Moon, I had planned a small dinner ritual based around the Thunder Moon and Thor. 

E’s mom and dad were very polite during the meal blessing and Moon Rite. This was new to E, but she was as good as a 4 year old who is hungry and has a plate of food before her that she cannot yet eat can be expected to be. 

Witchlette and Witchling participated in the Moon Rite, specifically when I asked for Thunder Claps. K, E’s mom, also helped with the clapping. We hailed to Thor and made special recognition to Sif. 

At this point, Witchlette took over by explaining all of the Thor related Asgard stories she could muster between bites of lasagna. Really loud Thunder is Thor hitting frost giants, rock giants, and Loki. Loki cut off all of Sif’s hair because he’s the trouble making trickster. But he didn’t steal Thor’s hammer, but he helped him get it back. 

It made me proud that she cares enough to listen and learn the stories. 

What makes me even more proud is how she is recognizing different pantheneons. Yesterday morning, we watched Moana and at the end, Witchlette remarked Maui is a god like Thor is a god. She then asked me to tell her Maui stories like I tell her Asgard stories. Since I don’t know any Maui stories, we found some on YouTube. We watched 8 Polynesian myths, 5 of them about Maui, 2 of them done in the native language with subtitles I read to her, but also let her hear the language. 4 of the 5 stories we watched we’re within Maui’s “You’re Welcome” diddy. This gave Witchlette a connection back to what she knew, but also provided much more detail than one line from a Disney song. 

My Pagan tribe compliment with how they wish they could be my kids because they see the way my Littles are raised, how Witchlette’s curiosity is encouraged and her spirituality isn’t tied to one set of players. Heck, it isn’t necessarily tied to any real deities. Remember the Turtle Circle?

I hope she can continue to follow her own path, whatever that maybe, that she will hold strong when folks tell her she’s wrong. Because they will. Because people are assholes. I hope she tells Turtle Power and Blessed Be.