Ok, but…

I found this on Instagram last night, and while I did get a good chuckle, I do believe there is more than one way to look at it.

Either…it’s Zeus sticking his business where it doesn’t belong OR it’s Thor, sky god, sending love to his wife, Sif, Earth goddess.


Gods, friends

Growing up with a Christian worldview with Catholic indoctrination, there was a lot of servitude expected.

If nothing else, at the end of mass, the command to “go forth and share the ‘good news'” aka proselytize, convert your friends and neighbors.

Yahweh is an overlord, and a jealous bastard. He needs all of the attention at all times from all people. And when he doesn’t get what he wants, he goes on a murderous rampage.

Odin is a warlord, no two ways about it. Much of what remains of Frigg has been cleansed, but as the favorite wife of a warlord, she knew how to get her hands bloody.

Yet, they never demanded subservient followers. Odin doesn’t demand that his folks kneel. In fact, he prefers his people to stand. Live with honor and act with hospitality, and you will gain the gods’ favor. One need not serve them, one needs to do right.

Thor, specifically, is known as the friend of man. Often a kenning for him is “Friend Thor.”

This is something I am still trying to work my mind around. Trying to undoctrinate myself. While I am not equal to the gods just as my dogs are not equal to me, we still can have a relationship of give and take. Of reciprocity. Of Gebo.

When you want to get in touch with a friend, you pick up the phone and call. One should not stare at the phone waiting for days for it to ring. It goes both ways. Either party can initiate the connection.

Either a human can reach out to the Aesir or the gods can tap you on the shoulder and inform you on whose team you play. (It’s not as frightening to be drafted as I initially imagined).

Meditation and prayer are just one way to reach across lines. Offerings are another. Friends invite each other into their homes and offer food and drink as a sign of hospitality and warmth.

Recently, we restarted leaving offerings to the gods, wights, good neighbors, and ancestors. A few days later, I asked Frigg specifically what she would like me to offer her. This is not, to me, dissimilar to asking an invited guest what they would care to drink. I through Runes and got an answer: Berkano next to Othala stacked on Gebo. For Frigg, your family is your offering. My devotion to her is to be the best mama I can, and to raise the next generation of Witches to be strong and steadfast. In whatever is coming the work that I need to do in my preparations is to continue to raise my strong little Witches. To hone in on what makes them Magickal and foster them to stand strong against the turn that is coming.

To continue to honor the gods with daily libations. To continue to give offerings to the ancestors with daily libations. To continue the strong spiritual guidance of my babies.

So mote it be.


Practical offerings

Confession: I still haven’t gotten better at giving regular offerings.

I know there is a relationship I’m building and I know this one like all other relationships is a two way street. I know there needs to be a give and take. And I know I’m usually on a one way street with taking and no giving.

Thoughts, yes. Time, yes. Intentions, yes.

I have struggled with the idea of doing food offerings since I started my Path. Food offering to me equalled food wasted. I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Sunday night I dreamt of making more consistent offerings. Yesterday afternoon as I checked the mail, a random thought came through my mind: our family regularly has to clear out the fridge of uneaten, spoiled food. It makes my heart sad every time we do it; yet it’s not something we have learned how to avoid. We have collectively improved in the past few months: buying less, cooking more of one dish at a time and planning for leftover meals on multiple nights. But we’re not there yet.

An offering of food is a real psychological sacrifice for me, yet it wouldn’t be much more than our food waste.

Of course both Monday and yesterday I forgot to bring the offering bowl to the table.

Starting tonight, I was determined to fulfill the dream and begin regularly setting food and drink offerings to the gods, good neighbors, and ancestors.

Since we had french fries with dinner tonight, that was our offering.

Specifically, in my dream, Witchlette made offerings to Skadi and Witchling to Heimdall. I gave to Frigg, Thor, Idunn, Odin, Bragi, and Sif. We all gave to our ancestors and we all gave to the good neighbors.

This evening, as I moved from the table to the blessing tree, I laid out the offerings and raised them out to beyond

To Frigg, Thor, Skadi, Heimdall, Idunn, Braggi, and Sif. To all of our ancestors, known and unknown. And to the Fair Neighbors who take residence in the yard which we now share.

Blessings to each and every one of you.

Leaving this offering was not as detrimental as I originally thought it would be. It is less than food waste we would have anyway. It made sense. And it felt right.


It was less than a ago when Witchlette declared Skadi to be her goddess.

This morning, Witchling was going through the days of the week.

“Who’s day is today?” he asked.

“Sunna’s day.”

“When is Thor’s day?”


“When is Loki’s day?”

“Yesterday, Saturday.”

“What about Odin?”


“When is Heimdall’s day?”

“Heimdall doesn’t have a day.”


“I don’t know. He doesn’t.”

“Heimdall is my God!”

“He’s a good God to have”

I haven’t shared a formal declaration to the kids. That is something they can decide to do when they are older. Yet, I still think the gods of old are speaking through my little ones. They have found a willing audience.

Hail! Blessed be!


This morning, Witchling remained in bed until shortly after 7. Yay Saturday!

When he started to sound restless, I called in on his monitor and invited him to come lay with us until Witchlette awoke and they could have tablet time together.

I asked him how he slept, and he said good. He then said he had dreams.

What did you dream of?



No, Gods.

Oh! Which ones.

Loki and Thor. Does Thor have a hammer?


What does Loki have?


No, he holds something. … Is Loki a good guy or a bad guy?

He can be a good guy, but he also can be a bad guy.

Oh. Is Iron Man a good guy?


Ok. Can we watch cooking videos?

My main takeaway is that while most of what he understands of the lore is still based in Marvel, he distinguishes heroes and Gods. It’s definitely a start.