Isolated and alone

Consistency is the key to life.

No matter how hectic something may be, do it often enough and it becomes routine. Do it dedicatedly enough, and it becomes ritual.

This is how I feel about my early morning dog walk.

Part of me feels sheer insanity. Especially on mornings like the last two.

While I clearly can hear highway traffic on 55 and 64 (which I can only hear at this hour), I am alone. No other houses are awake. No cars are driving past.

Most mornings, there are some early morning warriors we will pass by, almost all of them women who steal away to this one moment. I like to take comfort in their comradery, despite the fact that I don’t know their names.

On mornings like this week, however, there was no one. It was too wet, too soggy. It wasn’t currently raining, but it was damp enough to be a deterrent.

Some dry mornings, I don’t see another early morning warrior either, but I don’t feel as alone as I did this week.

No stars are visible, so I am unable to see and connect with Orion, with whom I converse every morning. No planets are visible. The Moon, sometimes cloaked, but often obscured.

My first Frigg-specific morning prayer, after Brunhilde’s prayer, begins, “Weaver of the clouds, Keeper of the stars…”

It’s amazing what cloud cover over the early morning sky will do.



Let the Pagan Blog Project 2013 begin!!!!!

One of my favorite things to do all year, but especially at Mabon, is to cut an apple horizontally and see the Pentagram hidden inside.

Five Elements as seen in Nature

Five Elements as seen in Nature

When people criticize me for my spiritual beliefs, I have begun to ask them what they see when they cut an apple horizontally. When they say, “seeds,” I then ask what form/shape the seeds are in. Sometimes I’ll get a snarky response of “so it’s a star but that’s a devil-star” and those are the people who I disengage from. However to others I will smile and say, “Christians have natural representations of their beliefs- the sand dollar for instance. This is my natural representation: the five Elements arranged in Nature.”