New neighbors

We have new neighbors. And in a few weeks, we will have even more!

Our front porch has four columns, and at the top there is a small well. A nest was there, empty when we moved in. Two weeks ago, it was being tended to, but it wasn’t being stayed in regularly.

This past Saturday evening, as I headed out for a girls night with my favorite Witches, a noticed little eyes watching me head out the door.

Sunday evening and Monday afternoon, little eyes were still watching from the nest. I do believe we have eggs!


Ostara blessings!!

Today, in the Muggle world, was the vernal equinox. The first day of spring.

The wheel has once again turned and in the Northern hemisphere, it has turned further into the light.

This year, however, Ostara has met us with a spring shower and a cold front rather than sunshine. I have bulbs I intended on planting between arriving home from work and making dinner, but alas the rain did not allow for a good gardening day.

The weather is predicted to get worse with a wintery mix, so we likely won’t plant them tomorrow either. The next sunny day, however…that’s the plan!

That does not mean we did nothing for Ostara. Quite the opposite! We lost our main activity, but we continued to celebrate at the dinner table with an extended blessing.

First, we blessed our meal. Then, I lit our Sabbat candle to honor the day.

Then, we welcomed the spring by discussing the science of the season change. We recalled our observations of the plants in the front yard from last weekend and this morning and compared how much new life has grown from the plants. We have also predicted what color flowers will bloom in these plants, as we have never seen them in more than dormant brown!

Speaking of dormant plants, we shared the myth of Idunn awaking from her faint spell, and all the flowers budding and blooming around her, all the trees budding and blooming overhead. How, now that Idunn is awake, spring can happen.

We, of course, talked about Ostara and our Germanic ancestors from my mom’s side, and how important the spring was to our ancestors.

We are still surrounded by boxes, and have realized just how much construction prep we have before us until we will be fully unpacked and ready for this forever home. So, table blessings may be all we do for a while. The Little Witches are still excited for even the smallest bits of Magick, and that’s what matters the most.



We been in the new house for a little over a week.

Today, our washer and dryer were delivered. Im running our first load in a while and the sense of normalcy is nice. We’re surrounded by boxes, most of them things that are deemed non-essentials and amung the first items to be packed, including lots of hanging decor. We want to have things settled and away before we start decorating, so we live around boxes.

About half of our stuff is still in boxes at Mom’s house. I brought home 9 (small) boxes Tuesday afternoon when I picked up the kids and will continue to do so until her house is empty. Next weekend, hubby and I will likely get a truckload out in his Jeep.

Around the house, things are settling in nicely. We’ve been dreaming of this house since the moment we saw it and it feels right that it’s now where we call home. Transitioning to my commute to work has been easy- I now take all back roads instead of the highway and the drive is a hair shorter. After work, I go to the same preschool near the old house to pick up the kids so the whole situation hasn’t changed. We didn’t see the fairness in taking Witchlette away from all her friends with only a few months left until she graduates Pre-K.

The kids have thoroughly enjoyed the house so far. They love the yard the most. In one of their many backyard adventures, they shared with me how they made a fire.

This morning, I found this:

This afternoon, Witchlette and I found the bulb which we blessed at charming of the plow.

It is now planted in the garden surrounding the deck in back.

We are now ready for Spring’s arrival next week!

SB17: days 4, 5 & 6

Thursday Hubby and I spent together. The kids went to school to participate in their egg hunt and Easter parties. We started with an 8 mile bike ride, then had lunch at a local pizza buffet. After lunch, we still had an hour before it was time to help out at the school, so we walked the Greenway of a local park, about three miles round trip. After the kids parties, we headed home and began dinner prep of loaded baked potato casserole. 

Friday all four of us stayed home. We rode our bikes to meet friends at a local park; we started getting together because Witchling and their son are very close in age and are best buddies. They also have a daughter who is just a tad younger than Witchlette and the two of them really enjoy playing together as well. It helps a lot that the parents are very good people and we always have great conversation as we monitor the Littles.

This morning, we woke and headed to Rise of breakfast. After, we went to a trail head and walked 10 miles. The kids went back and forth between walking and riding in their strollers. 

Met a friend on the way!

Close up

A marsh we passed, frogs were singing loudly

Another friend hitched a ride

Blowing a puffy flower

Sibling love was by far the best part of the day!

Worm moon

This morning, we walked out of the house to a symphony of bird song. 

The birds were even more loud and numerous when we returned home in the late afternoon. 

The mailbox is blocking another dozen or so on the ground

The March Full Moon is known as the Worm Moonoon because worms are beginning to surface and birds are coming out to feast. The Worm Moon is still 17 days away, but the worms are already starting in Raleigh. 

Traditional alignment

Yesterday was groundhog day. Phil saw his shadow, informing us that winter is still six weeks away. …which it is, as there are six weeks between Imbolc and Ostera, but it will feel like winter for these last six weeks. 

However, it was also nearly 70 degrees on Imbolc. 

Both tradions agree, it will be cold between now and Ostera.