Ostara blessings!!

Today, in the Muggle world, was the vernal equinox. The first day of spring.

The wheel has once again turned and in the Northern hemisphere, it has turned further into the light.

This year, however, Ostara has met us with a spring shower and a cold front rather than sunshine. I have bulbs I intended on planting between arriving home from work and making dinner, but alas the rain did not allow for a good gardening day.

The weather is predicted to get worse with a wintery mix, so we likely won’t plant them tomorrow either. The next sunny day, however…that’s the plan!

That does not mean we did nothing for Ostara. Quite the opposite! We lost our main activity, but we continued to celebrate at the dinner table with an extended blessing.

First, we blessed our meal. Then, I lit our Sabbat candle to honor the day.

Then, we welcomed the spring by discussing the science of the season change. We recalled our observations of the plants in the front yard from last weekend and this morning and compared how much new life has grown from the plants. We have also predicted what color flowers will bloom in these plants, as we have never seen them in more than dormant brown!

Speaking of dormant plants, we shared the myth of Idunn awaking from her faint spell, and all the flowers budding and blooming around her, all the trees budding and blooming overhead. How, now that Idunn is awake, spring can happen.

We, of course, talked about Ostara and our Germanic ancestors from my mom’s side, and how important the spring was to our ancestors.

We are still surrounded by boxes, and have realized just how much construction prep we have before us until we will be fully unpacked and ready for this forever home. So, table blessings may be all we do for a while. The Little Witches are still excited for even the smallest bits of Magick, and that’s what matters the most.




Much like Christmas, we celebrate the secular holiday of Easter. 

We have baskets filled with goodies, we find plastic eggs filled with goodies. 

We also celebrated Ostara on the day of the equinox. Since Easter is late this year, it was difficult to put the two holidays together, the way we are able to do with Yule and Christmas. 

For all of us in the Northern hemisphere, we are celebrating re-birth. The parable of Jesus rising after three days. The spring returning and flowers coming back to life. Animals coming out from hibernation. Beginning of growth on local farms. 

Ostara Blessings!

Blessed Ostara! Blessed Spring!  


Dark and light are equals, and starting tomorrow, light begins to dominate as they days grow ever so slightly longer. 


The goddess is plump with new life, waiting to eagerly burst forth!



May you be blessed this coming spring. Now is a great time to begin a new project or start a new endeavor. Yes, I know New Years is “the time to start” (and really any day is a new day to start) but the feeling of starting something while new life is blossoming all around you may be easier to stick to than the middle of the winter.