Continued settling

We continue to settle into the new house.

My first tapestry

has been disassembled and reassembled

It now hangs high over my altar space, each chakra tree attached to a 3 ft linen table runner.

I have shelves for Odin, Loki, Tyr, and Heimdall. I’m just not sure yet where to put said shelves where I can see the totems from my seated position and where they also will not be affected by candles. They will be on the side, but I haven’t yet figured how high up or how far forward or backward.

The middle space between the new tapestry and the table will be for a geometric shelf which will hold my cauldron, my morter and pestle, and my crystals.

This week, the carpentry work should be completed. We are going furniture shopping this weekend for the living room. We will also move the last couch from the front room (aka library) to the upstairs room (aka den).


To not be

We are more and more settled into our new home. Our forever home. Because I’m not moving again until we retire, and the kids have settled somewhere on their own. No rush, but it will eventually happen.

My hope is that they settle within a half an hour from each other. Even if that settlement is across the country. I want to be ready and available to each of them equally.

But I digress…

My goal was to have the kids’ rooms settled first, because they were disrupted and it wasn’t their choice. I wanted them to have a semblance of normalcy again. The fourth bedroom of the house is their playroom so that our whole house doesn’t become play storage. As we have been unpacking, I have had concerns that there’s too much. I spent days fretting over toys.

Where to put them. How to store them.

I forgot that toys are for play…for the kids and me. Toys bring joy.

Our kids have “too many” toys because they have people in their lives who love them.

I don’t want to be that mom who spends all of my time fretting over what the garden looks like that I forget to smell the roses.

Getting there

We are still moving in boxes.

We are still unpacking boxes.

My mom, with her abundance of patience, has back almost all of her sunroom where we have been storing the majority of our stuff.

Oh, Americans and their stuff.

🙋Guilty as charged

Today was very fruitful with the unpacking.

My bedroom has a small nook in the far front corner. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be altar space. Hubby too. He also envisioned thinks he will make for me to assist in my new, actual altar space.

My altar is no longer an old tv stand pushed into the corner. It’s not an afterthought. It’s deliberately planned! It’s part of our design and decor choice.

It was constructed to be the tv entertainment unit space for the master bedroom, but this alternate use feels much better. Looks much better, too.

Well, it’s starting to anyway…

This morning was the first day in more than a month since I have done a morning yoga routine.

It feels great getting back to a real semblance of normalcy.


We been in the new house for a little over a week.

Today, our washer and dryer were delivered. Im running our first load in a while and the sense of normalcy is nice. We’re surrounded by boxes, most of them things that are deemed non-essentials and amung the first items to be packed, including lots of hanging decor. We want to have things settled and away before we start decorating, so we live around boxes.

About half of our stuff is still in boxes at Mom’s house. I brought home 9 (small) boxes Tuesday afternoon when I picked up the kids and will continue to do so until her house is empty. Next weekend, hubby and I will likely get a truckload out in his Jeep.

Around the house, things are settling in nicely. We’ve been dreaming of this house since the moment we saw it and it feels right that it’s now where we call home. Transitioning to my commute to work has been easy- I now take all back roads instead of the highway and the drive is a hair shorter. After work, I go to the same preschool near the old house to pick up the kids so the whole situation hasn’t changed. We didn’t see the fairness in taking Witchlette away from all her friends with only a few months left until she graduates Pre-K.

The kids have thoroughly enjoyed the house so far. They love the yard the most. In one of their many backyard adventures, they shared with me how they made a fire.

This morning, I found this:

This afternoon, Witchlette and I found the bulb which we blessed at charming of the plow.

It is now planted in the garden surrounding the deck in back.

We are now ready for Spring’s arrival next week!

Goodbye, 110

Today is the last day in our first home.

We signed paperwork for this house on Christmas Eve 2008. We closed and moved in in February 2009.

We are moving out February 2018.

It has been a great 9 years in this home.

So much laughter and love.

Within this house is where I first told Hubby he was going to be a dad. Granted, it was on the phone at 4 am while he was away on business, but I made the call in that house. In this living room, Hubby first read Witchlette’s pink shirt which stated “Big Sister” and he learned he would become a dad again.

We announced both of our babies’ impending arrival to the world from within these walls.

Both children took their first steps in this house- Witchlette in her bedroom and Witchling in the kitchen.

Both children said their first words here- Witchlette, “Mama” and Witchling, “Dada.”

Hubby and I had our first, and only, real fight in this house. Then Hubby’s engineering came up with a solution to that same fight. And for two years, blue painter’s tape was laid out on the floor to display the solution to our fight. Now, a counter sits where the blue tape once did. An addition to the footprint of the house which bears our mark.

There was some sadness in these walls. The tears I shed between being told I would never be a mom, and finally becoming a mom. Learning both my and Hubby’s grandfathers had passed.

The happiness has definitely outweighed the sad.

110, thank you for the memories. May you continue to hold happiness for the next family and any families after.

Here’s to future happiness and wonderful memories in 2409.