Nature always wins

In quaint small-town shops, eating ice cream from a mom and pop shop after dinner from a local mom and pop pizzaria, eating on the side walk…we looked up at the shop across the street and saw the epitome of nature winning over man.

Buildings that have been standing since the 1800s, more than halfway up the building, in a crack in the mortar between 200 year old bricks…

…there stands a tree. There stands a pine tree sapling, stretching tall reaching upward. Roots are spread enough to hold firm.

Grow baby grow. Take back what’s yours.


Protect the Earth

Beware the Ides of March!

Except the Ides mean, according to Roman calendars, the middle of the month as marked by the Full Moon. 

Adventure Wicca, coordinators of Facebook event Protect the Earth, have jumped on this idea. 

Tonight, at dinner, after the meal blessing, we did a special blessing for Mother Earth. We thanked her for the soil in which our food grows, for the land on which our animals are raised, for the waters within her which we drink. Witchlette channeled the prophet Sagan and thanked her for being the planet we live on and our home. 

We thanked the Earth and wished her good will and protection, today and every day. 

After enjoying our meal, upon blowing out our special candle, I led a meditation in which we envisioned the earth as a whole as one would from space. 

Close your eyes. 

See the earth. 

See the green land, blue seas, white clouds. See it all together. 

Envision a glowing green light encircling the earth. This is our protection. This is our love. May she be safe from harm today and every day. 

So mote it be. 

We then extinguished the candle. 

Earth Goddess

This week on The Pagan Experience, the prompt is “Earth”. What is your definition of Earth and how is it incorporated into your work.

Earth, for me, is first and foremost our home. It is our Mother.

I have a lot of Animism in my beliefs which, while it may seem cheeky to some, I was introduced to through Pocahontas. Yes, the Disney animated film which took a very strong young girl and made her into a very sexy and still rather strong young woman…who fights for love. Because it’s a Disney movie from the height of the Princess era. I was in middle school when it came out, and while [looking back] parts of it are extremely campy, much of the music and the Earth-centric spiritual points are still relevant to me today.


Many people today, especially in the Western culture and Western way of thinking, view the Earth as something to be used. As a convenience for modern man. As something to profit off of. The Earth is alive. She is a living planet. And we are slowly killing her with our torturous ways. I have high hopes for her future, as my generation will do better than my parents’ generation and Witchlette’s generation will do better than mine. We need to realign ourselves, we connect ourselves with our Great Mother and remember she is nothing to be owned…in fact, she is never and was never “ours”.

The Earth, in addition to being our living planet, the Earth is my goddess. The Earth, specifically the mountains, is where I find solace. The earth brings me peace and comfort.

One of the many faces of the Earth goddess

Another image of the Earth goddess, specifically as a mother goddess. I found this picture while I was pregnant with Witchlette. It’s one of my favorites.

The earth is a point which we should all unite, not divide. No matter your beginning, your beliefs, we are all in this together. 

All faiths, everywhere, united for a common cause.

Mother’s Day

The second Sunday in the States is typically reserved for Mother’s day. A day created to honor our Mom’s, further commercialized by Hallmark to make as much money as possible. Jewelers, electronic stores…everyone who sells something has jumped into take take our money so we can gift to our Mom’s material things which will attempt to show how much we care about them.

I bought my mom the final season of one of her favorite TV shows.

Today I think all of us, no matter what creed or belief system, need to take a moment and thank our shared Mother.

Thank you, Mother Nature, Mamma Gaia, Lady Earth, whatever name you personally call her, for all that you provide for us. The flesh of your land from which we grow our sustenance. The water of your rivers from which we gather drink. The areas which you provide for us to live. Too many have taken advantage of your gifts and too few have shown gratitude.

On behalf of humanity, Thank You.

Brightest Blessings!