Going to be good when…

You know it’s going to be a good week when, on your Monday morning week-head pull, both of your patroness’s runes come. 

Berkana- Frigg, the mother. Pertho- Frigg, the woman


Replacement behavior

So I’m a nail biter. It’s a gross ugly habit and I hate doing it. I started when I was about Witchlette’s age: I saw my dad do it and figured I’d join in on the “fun”. 27 years later, try as I might to stop, here I am still. It’s a subconscious habit too. I’ll be doing something which takes mental power- reading, writing, driving- and find myself with my finger headed to my mouth. And then I hate that. I’ve tried to stop. My family has tried to help me stop. Nothing has worked. 

Because the point was always stop. 

For the last few days, Hubby and I have been musing about getting Witchling one of those fight cubes. When he stands at the did player and pushes the buttons, give him a replacement button to push instead.We’ll likely just use old video game buttons because we have them and it does the same task. 

This got me thinking about myself.  

Could a cube help me to not bite. Perhaps I could play with the cube instead. 

When we want students to stop doing a behavior, we don’t stop them cold. We replace it with something else, something similar in function but significantly less disruptive. I’ve been stopping cold. 

A cube could work. But, do I really want to buy something plastic to which I don’t have any connections? One of the cube sides is a worry stone pad. 

Why not a worry stone. I can bless it and make it Magick and have a connection to it. It would be something real and natural. I decided to bless it with Pertho, Frigg’s Rune, to have her help me on this journey. 

This morning I cast my morning Circle and invited Frigg, painted her Rune, and blessed the stone. 

When I go to bite or pick

When I need to do it quick

Instead I’ll rub this blessed stone

And leave my fingernails alone

It’s said it takes 66 days to form a habit. 

Today is day 1. 

New setup

It became increasingly difficult to find reasonably priced color candles. Hubby got a box of white for me and my little Witches to share. 

I can work this. Rather than having basic candle holders, I’ll get color/special candle holders and use white candles. 

That didn’t pan out as easily as I thought either. All the elemental candle holders used the alchemic symbols, which I don’t regularly use. Ideally, dragonfly, turtle, bird, and wolf. Or swirls of flame, earth, water, and clouds. Or mermaid, dragon, gnome, and Pegasus. None of my searches, even at PPD, proved fruitful. 

Then, at Target, Hubby hit jackpot. 

“Babe! There’s 5 here. North, south, spirit, east west.”

Lined up this way, I call North, East, skip, South, West, back to center for Spirit. It looks and feels fresh and elegant. I may add swirls of each element later. For now, elemental totems at the base of each candle works great. And now my altar space is actually usable for journaling, and spell work.

It’s a usable magickal space, perfect for a fresh start getting back into my routine. 


This evening as we sat down for dinner, Witchlette asked with an explosion of toddler excitement, “What are we celebrating tonight?” I responded, “What would you like to celebrate?” “Lughnasadh!” she replied as she went to the table. 

Our red candle is still out, and will be used again for Mabon. Though, tonight, Hubby and I were discussing over dinner, with his promise to be participatory in at-home rituals, that we have nightly blessings with seasonally decorated table and color appropriate candles for dinner. This practice allows us to not only make Magick real and shared and a family affair, but also, since we are at the dinner table, get back into actively blessing our food. 

I had seasonal decor for our foyer table, which has been in storage since Witchlette started walking. This decor will be put around the grapevine wreath with the seasonally-alligned color candle in the center. 

When Beth puts out her Sun Wheel for Yule preparation, we will adjust the layout but otherwise we should be good!


Yesterday, Hubby, Witchlette, and I spent the morning driving to the Charlotte area in order to storm IKEA. We picked out Witchling’s crib from Amazon and a matching finish dresser from IKEA. We also got his hamper and, very importantly, his lantern. 

I’ve written before about Witchlette’s lantern. It was bought before I was pregnant, but after I was diagnosed. It was bought as the response to a dream. A tangible wish. 

The lantern is now part of her bedtime routine. Potty, teethbrushing, pjs, book, candle, bed. 

When I learned I was pregnant again, Hubby and I both immediately knew we would want another lantern and that we would to have the same bedtime routine. 

But would IKEA still sell them?

When we bought Witchlette’s, they only had black and white. Now, they sell black and white in addition to salmon, blue, yellow, and green. 

Now it feels official. Now I’m feeling ready.