Practical offerings

Confession: I still haven’t gotten better at giving regular offerings.

I know there is a relationship I’m building and I know this one like all other relationships is a two way street. I know there needs to be a give and take. And I know I’m usually on a one way street with taking and no giving.

Thoughts, yes. Time, yes. Intentions, yes.

I have struggled with the idea of doing food offerings since I started my Path. Food offering to me equalled food wasted. I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Sunday night I dreamt of making more consistent offerings. Yesterday afternoon as I checked the mail, a random thought came through my mind: our family regularly has to clear out the fridge of uneaten, spoiled food. It makes my heart sad every time we do it; yet it’s not something we have learned how to avoid. We have collectively improved in the past few months: buying less, cooking more of one dish at a time and planning for leftover meals on multiple nights. But we’re not there yet.

An offering of food is a real psychological sacrifice for me, yet it wouldn’t be much more than our food waste.

Of course both Monday and yesterday I forgot to bring the offering bowl to the table.

Starting tonight, I was determined to fulfill the dream and begin regularly setting food and drink offerings to the gods, good neighbors, and ancestors.

Since we had french fries with dinner tonight, that was our offering.

Specifically, in my dream, Witchlette made offerings to Skadi and Witchling to Heimdall. I gave to Frigg, Thor, Idunn, Odin, Bragi, and Sif. We all gave to our ancestors and we all gave to the good neighbors.

This evening, as I moved from the table to the blessing tree, I laid out the offerings and raised them out to beyond

To Frigg, Thor, Skadi, Heimdall, Idunn, Braggi, and Sif. To all of our ancestors, known and unknown. And to the Fair Neighbors who take residence in the yard which we now share.

Blessings to each and every one of you.

Leaving this offering was not as detrimental as I originally thought it would be. It is less than food waste we would have anyway. It made sense. And it felt right.


Magical Roots Day 9: Daily Practice


My daily practice is two-fold: libations to Frigg and a yoga flow and/or meditation. 

In the last few weeks, I have been making [almost] daily libations to Frigg. I have a lovely blue and white ceramic bowl in which I make powdered milk in the morning. As I go about the day, I pause to look at the milk and think about my connection with Frigg. In the evening, the Littles help me pour out the milk into the front garden, not far from Witchlette’s Fae house. Witchling specifically enjoys helping me with “bations”, always beginning with “Blessed Frigg”.

Daily offerings to Frigg are designed for her so they align with her. Yoga, however, is a bit less clear. 

Yoga is an Eastern tradition, which I have been doing with some regularity, on and off between kiddos, since I was first discovering my path 10 years ago. While yoga is not something Frigg would have known and would have practiced, but I am able to reconcile each of these practices with the other. I use yoga to align my spiritual, mental, and physical health. I use yoga to help me get into a meditative mind frame to allow Magick to flow. As a seider, a seeress, this is something Frigg would have done herself. Different methodologies perhaps, but the same result. 

Perhaps Frigg manifested today would be a Yogi. 
After day 7, I noted that I was going to let go of all my excuses and do daily morning yoga again. That evening, I charged both my iPod and my speaker. But I left them plugged in downstairs over night and didn’t have them to do yoga yesterday morning. I almost forgot them downstairs again last night, but got out of bed to go downstairs and retrieve them. I set them up at my altar to be ready for yoga this morning. 

Best laid plans… At about midnight, I gave up on Witchling spending the night in his own bed. Between the spill he took yesterday which left him with a knot on his forehead and the cold he is beginning, he needed to be held and unless he was in bed with us, I wasn’t going to get any sleep. Some sleep while being pummeled by a toddler is better than no sleep at all in my book. Yet, with him with me, there would be no yoga this morning either. 

Tomorrow will be another try. 

Between the libation to honor Frigg, which has included grounding and centering, and the impending return of morning yoga, I believe I’m in a good place for my spiritual health. 

…not sure what’s going to come of the daily libations when the school year starts again… We shall see!

Solstice day

Today we enjoyed the Solstice.

After braving the morning rain for a lovely breakfast, we did some errands and enjoyed lunch at home with a movie and home popped popcorn for Watch It Wednesday.

As Witchling napped and Witchlette and I played, the sun burned through the rest of the clouds and it finally looked like what we all imagine Litha looks like.

Upon his waking, the three of us went to a local park and played in the warm afternoon sun, including a good amount of puddle splashing.

At dinner, we said a Litha prayer and utilized my new offering bowl to make Libations.

We talked about what we want to do this summer.

After dinner and more playing, we drizzled honey on our Fairy cakes and left them in a small thicket at the front of our driveway with the Libations from dinner.


The Littles enjoyed their own cakes in the Fae’s honor with a summer time smores topping.

All in all, a very blessed Solstice indeed!