Continuing growing

I’d say I’ve been rather successful as a first time potted plant grower. 

Witchlette’s Easter basket gifts of grow kits have exploded. 



A few of the watermelon blossoms

A row of carrots

Tiny garden beans

Some things I would do differently:

  • Put plants into bigger pots to begin with, now that I understand the spacing for root structures. 
  • Learn more about what plants need as far as sun and shade. This is quite foreign to me. The potato plant died almost as soon as it was moved to the back patio and I’ve killed two batches of basil plants. It may have also been the heat they were exposed to in conjunction with the extremely hot afternoon sun which the front of the house gets. 

My ultimate goal is to have a full garden to grow some fruits and veggies to supplement our usual intake. This was, for me, a successful year and has been a good start to many more years of growing in my gardening skills? <Wink wink garden pun>


Practical Magick

On Saturday, I led a Kitchen Witch and herbology basics class for CotE. 

The bulk of the class was terms and definitions to bring Magick into one’s everyday life. 

The latter of the class was dedicated to using herbs to enhance Magick. 

I shared the recipe for the sleep spray Witchlette and I make together to help her fall asleep on restless nights and to help prevent bad dreams. 

That night, Witchlette noted that her bottle is almost empty and we need to make more. Time got away from us yesterday, so we made it this morning before mama heads out to a studentless workday. 

Witchlette and I set up her ingredients in the moter and pestule…

…then set it in a tea ball to steep…

…and here it stayed until it cooled. At that point, we poured it into the sleep spray bottle and it’s ready for the nights ahead. 

Witchling, seeing his sister making, wanted to do making too. 

Since we have lots of spray ready, we will hold onto his to steep for a later date. 

The post-steeped ingredients will be placed into the planters to enrich the soil. 


One part each, with another pintch each time the ingredient is renamed:

For sleep: chamomile, lavendar, thyme, rosemary

For peace: lavendar

For wishes: sage, sunflower, dandelion

For happiness: lavender, majoram

For purification: bay, chamomile, lavendar, parsley, rosemary, thyme

For success: cinnamon

*I use cinnamon in all my spells 

SB17: Days 2&3

Tuesday with a very excited Witchlette climbing into bed with me, “What’s today, Mama?”

We casually ate breakfast- some sausage and a treat of an apple Danish each. After breakfast, the three of us got dressed in comfy play clothes and headed to Marbles Children’s Museum. At lunch time, we loaded up and went to meet Hubby for lunch. After lunch, it was time for Witchling and Mama to take naps. Witchlette got her TV time and snuggled while I snored. 

After snacks, the three of us got busy in the kitchen for dinner prep. Witchling dumped ingredients in the bowl while Witchlette and I dug our hands in and mixed. One of the best meals for little hands to help with has to be meatloaf. Not teeny hands that may go from bowl to mouth, mind you, but little hands. The point is to get messy and there is no recipe to distort with a mismeasure. A pinch of this, a dash of that, protein and binding agent of choice. Our loafs always contain dairy, preferably ricotta though milk also works in a pinch. It makes the loaf richer. 

Wow, rambling tangent. 

Today, we spent the first part of the day with my mom around town. After nap/TV time, Witchlette asked to get our feet scrubbed. I had a Visa gift card I had been saving for just such and occasion. We had snacks and headed to the nail place. The fine ladies recognized Witchlette immidiately despite only seeing her once before about a year ago. 

When we got home, it was time to get back into​the kitchen for dinner prep. Both kids dragged in chairs to help and loaded sliced potatoes into the baking dish. After tiring of this task, and seeing there would be no additional kitchen tasks forthcoming, played between the backyard and living room. 

Hubby and I are now relaxing and watching day one of the NHL playoffs. 

Tomorrow, the kids have spring parties at school and Hubby and I are taking a day for ourselves. 

Taking our time

Yesterday, Witchlette and I baked for Make it Monday. 

Our weekly routine has been mostly abandoned, save for baking once a week. Not always on Monday, but definitely baking. With her growing imagination and ever-impressive conversational skills, I feel I don’t need a routine to stay engaged. Because we all know that weekly routine was only for my own sanity. 
I had been noticing the past few weeks that she would ask to do something and I was increasingly saying, “No.” Yesterday, she asked why. I didn’t have an answer. And I told her so. “I don’t know why no. So, yes!”

I also noticed that, when I was doing something that should have been enjoyable, work, but still enjoyable- rolling dough and shaping pies, for instance, I would find myself getting annoyed when the dough wouldn’t cooperate. 

Witchlette saw the frustration, and commented on it. Life lesson time: sometimes, you do things that are fun, but they are also hard. You have to remember that you’re doing them for fun. So breathe, shake it out. We shook the grumpies out, and finished our pies. 

Ok, so I only made 11 hand pies and refroze the rest of the dough. You also have to know when to pack it in and call it a day!

7 maple bacon pecan for Hubby, four blueberry for me and Witchlette. Hubby got more because we still have strawberry nutella pies in the fridge. 

One of the main things I hope my little Witches walk away with is the ability to take everyday work and necessities and do them with pride and passion. Find the Magick in the mundane, that’s the key to Kitchen Witchery- and life in general. 

Something’s Gotta Give

I’ve written to post a few times. It always feels unfinished. More therapeutic to just write it and leave it in draft than to actually publish it.

There’s a lot that is different to time around. At times, I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing even though I have done this before.

At first, I thought it was just the boy things, because I was so worried about an infection stating after his circumcision. But that healed and everything went all good. Hubby proved himself to be a better diaperer than me, until Witchling grew into our smallest cloths. Now we are on even ground. Breastfeeding is a tad more challenging this time around, at least I think it is. I don’t remember nursing Witchlette at this age. I remember the late night feedings, the quiet moments when it was just me, her, and the dog guarding the door. I remember the snuggles before she went back to bed. I remember one quite difficult night that ended just beautifully.

It’s also been difficult to write with my new time constraints, and it will likely remain that way for some time. When Witchling is awake, everything is turned off save for some music. We read books or play tummy time with the dogs. When Witchling is asleep in my arms, the phone is down and I am just soaking in all of his baby glory and savoring every moment of being with him at this young age. It’s when he is down and out that I am able to steal a moment for myself to do some blogging. When Witchlette is home, all bets are off, especially since I vowed during her infant years that she would not learn to see Mama past the white rectangle always held to Mama’s face. Of course, when she is happily playing by herself and Witchling is down and out, I may take a few minutes and scroll through my Facebook feed. But I don’t do anything that takes away enough of my attention that I can’t look up. It is really important for me to unplug from the idiot paperweight and plug in to my children.

When I go back to work, because like it or not there’s no way around it, I will be blogging over my lunch break on days when I am able to not work through lunch. I’ll blog after bedtime on nights when I am not a complete zombie by the time bed time rolls around. I actually slept through Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last night.

Time is the biggest commodity in my world. If there was a way for me to pay for more time, I would in a heart beat. More time for my family. More time to connect with Hubby. More time to get together with friends.

Something’s gotta give, a few things actually. Many of them, however, have already started to fall back into place. I cooked dinner last night, for instance. (2/3 of dinner anyway…Hubby came home and finished it off). I am able to get on the floor and play with Witchlette. Last night, Hubby held Witchling and I got Witchlette ready for bed. I’m going back to Magick Circle on the morning of Samhain to lead the kids’ activity. 

Still, something’s gotta give and it has been given for a long while now. It’s what Hubby and I have neither the time [nor patience and drive] for. We hit our collective cap and call it a day by the time we are finished in the kitchen.

Yep, the house is constantly a mess.

It wasn’t that way for a while. I found the Magick in the mundane and I started a plan. It ended with a smudging and blessing of the assigned room for the night. Keeping the Magick was the biggest motivator for me. 

Earlier on in my pregnancy with Witchling, I was advised to keep things light. I tried one night to follow my 20-minute a room house cleaning plan (which works great once it’s implemented) with sweeping the floors downstairs and I ended up feeling some cramping. That was the last time I cleaned. Right now with Witchling’s schedule, cleaning is the last thing on our radar. We will get back to a place of “normalcy” and I will get back into the 20-minute a room/a night cleaning plan.

Or I could do the modern thing and start a gofundme account to hire a house keeper…

Summer Routine

Free play with a toddler is draining. Mentally draining. I’m all up for pretend play- take our figures, cars, buildings and make a little world. Have everyone interact. Make a little story. 

But Witchlette isn’t there yet. She’s getting much closer, but she’s not there yet. And I adamantly refuse to have her know my face only around the corners of my screen. I may pick up my phone to text Hubby or snap a quick photo, but typically, the phone is on the table and sits around until nap time. Facebook app has been uninstalled to make this more possible. Take away the bate and the fish won’t bite. 

So, free play. Can’t do it on a daily basis. Her attention is still in small increments and her imagination is still developing. To have a fulfilling summer, we have a schedule. Each morning between breakfast and nap has an activity. Each afternoon has some reading time (Witchlette’s favorite activity) and free play while I work on dinner. 

Make it Monday

-We bake. Last week we made rice crispy treats and waffles. This week, we made Witchlette’s birthday cupcakes (her 2nd birthday was yesterday!) Next week, more waffles and cookies. 

Take a Tour Tuesday

-Last week and today we went to a children’s museum in Durham where I have a membership. Next week, we’ll be going to the State museum then lunch with Hubby who works near by. 

Wonder Wednesday 

-Toddler story time at the library followed by choosing some books 

Thrifty Thursday*

-A craft based on a book. Last week we made an ABC “sunshine” with a paper plate and clothes pins while reading Dr. Seuss’s ABCs. This week we’re going to make salt fire works, since our town’s celebration will be that night. We’ll read a Captain America book to go with it. Next week is egg carton caterpillars and pipe cleaner/tissue paper butterflies with Hungry Hungry Caterpillar.  

*This may become Thoughtful Thursday as she becomes older and more aware of her surrounding community. These activities will move to Wonder Wednesday as she will age out of library story time.  

Free-spirit Friday

-If it’s not oppressingly hot, we will take some sand toys, bubbles, and chalk to a park and play outside. All of the local playgrounds have sand pits and many have swings. Almost all of them are based in a park with a great deal of woodlands and a green way. If it’s too warm to go to a park, we will hit the community pool before lunch. 

Yesterday, Witchlette helped to make her birthday cupcakes. This is a big reason why I don’t want a play kitchen for her. Not only do we not have the room for it, it’s inauthentic. She helps us cook and bake with real food and real developmentally appropriate kitchen tools. 

Any way, we made two batches of “just for two” cupcakes. One chocolate and one vanilla. Witchlette helped level the flour, and poured in the salt and baking powder. She also helped mix. For topping, we made cookies and cream whipped topping. 

Hubby calls is “Baking with Thor”

Finished product


B is for Boxes and Labels

The final weekly prompt on The Pagan Experience is taking a page from PBP and doing letters of the alphabet. Authors will have the option of two consecutive letters each month. This month is A and B.

I have chosen B to fit into a post that I have been trying to write…to try and put words to these feelings of confusion and lostness. To try and explain the unexplainable. To try and not sound like I am just ping-ponging around. To try and sound like I actually have conviction. To try and sound like I am not backtracking or that I am flip-flopping.

I have had a very profound experience with the divine. I have written about it previously. I regularly open and expand my chakras and my crown chakra- the link to the divine- is always the strongest. It is a wonderfully strong connection to the divine that I thoroughly enjoy experiencing. I put a name with the divine that I think I have been feeling and I have tried to connect closer to that specific deity.

In vain.

It could be that I am going about it the wrong way. It could be that I am having wishful thinking that my conscience wants to point me in one direction but my connection is with another.

It could be that I’m too smart for it.

I’m too smart for my own spiritual good.

I believe in and understand science. I find beauty and divinity in science.

And the science as I understand it doesn’t allow for deities as I am trying to understand them.

One of the reasons I have always been comfortable with the label “Pagan” and not “Wiccan” is because of my lack of regular deity worship.

Part of me feels that this is something I was missing. That I was part of the “have-nots” in a realm of “haves”. When so many have a matron and/or a patron. It sounds silly putting it down. It feels ridiculous reading it back. But it’s there nonetheless.

I have a strong connection to the elements. I have a connection to the divine.

I have plenty.

But I got so caught up in the boxes and labels.

Druid fit…mostly…pretty well…but it didn’t feel right. I tried walking towards Heathenry, but I can’t seem to fully get my mind there. I can’t let go of my modern thinking and my modern science and my modern way of life. Northern Paganism seems better- the deities of the pantheon without the great shift in thinking. But I still can’t fathom the actual participation of deity in life. I know why things happen. I know lightning is caused by opposite charged ions sparking. I know thunder is air masses being swooped together. Perhaps the deities are the ones who charge the ions and swoop the air masses.

Kitchen witch was and still is what I feel most comfortable with. Pagan. Witch. Kitchen witch.

There I go again with my boxes and my labels.

One can read through the archives of this blog and find someone who comes across as mighty confused. Someone who thought they found their way, but then walked off course. Only to, more or less, make their way back to the original path.