Yesterday, driving home from school, the kids and I passed an abandoned church. Witchlette saw it, and the cross sitting high above it, and the three of us had the following conversation:

W4: Mama, is that x a Jesus x?

M: yes it is

W4: why is it there

M: the people who follow Jesus as their god go to that church. They know it’s a Jesus church because of the cross on top.

W2: the star?

W4: no that’s an x for Jesus

W2: who’s Jesus?

W4: another god but not our god. What other gods are there?

M: lots and lots of God’s from lots of different places

W4: like who?

M: Thor, Odin, Frigg are all from Germany. I wonder if Ms. S (Pre-K teacher) holds Ganesha, Buddha, or Jesus as her god. Or maybe she doesn’t have a god.

W4: who’s Ganesha?

M: a god from India

W4: like Ms. S!

W2: I think her has a yellow Buddha like we have a blue Buddha

M: maybe

W2: who’s Jesus

W4: the x god

W2: I like Heimdall

W4: I like Skadi


To not be

We are more and more settled into our new home. Our forever home. Because I’m not moving again until we retire, and the kids have settled somewhere on their own. No rush, but it will eventually happen.

My hope is that they settle within a half an hour from each other. Even if that settlement is across the country. I want to be ready and available to each of them equally.

But I digress…

My goal was to have the kids’ rooms settled first, because they were disrupted and it wasn’t their choice. I wanted them to have a semblance of normalcy again. The fourth bedroom of the house is their playroom so that our whole house doesn’t become play storage. As we have been unpacking, I have had concerns that there’s too much. I spent days fretting over toys.

Where to put them. How to store them.

I forgot that toys are for play…for the kids and me. Toys bring joy.

Our kids have “too many” toys because they have people in their lives who love them.

I don’t want to be that mom who spends all of my time fretting over what the garden looks like that I forget to smell the roses.

Freaky Friday

This morning, around 7:45, when I realized I didn’t think I could do all day of free play, I rediscovered science experiments for kids I saved on Pinterest a few years ago, and I was thinking since science can get freaky, we should do experiments on Freaky Friday. 


Today, we did two weather experiments: clouds and rain and tornadoes. 

We put shave foam over water in a jar. Witchlette and I refreshed our memory of the water cycle using itsy-bitsy spider then dripped water and blue food coloring from a medicine plunger over the foam and watched it go down into the water below. 

After, we put dishsoap into water and closed the lid. Shake in a circular motion, and voila! Tornado! 

Witchlette continued with various experiments on her own for two hours with joyful results. Two hours!

Freaky Friday it is!