Please wear shoes!

Hubby led Witchlette on an experiment today. Sunlight, dark colors, light colors and heat. He took his temp gun and out we went. 

Shaded pavement

Sunlit sidewalk

Sunlight asphalt

Sunny grass

Shaded grass

Witchlette asked to do the asphalt shaded, but there is none on our street. 
As dinner was cooking, storms rolled in. Witchlette asked what the asphalt was now that the rain came to cool it off. 

Hubby stepped out to check (photo not available) 93.2. 

The asphalt cooled about 60 degrees from the rain. 

Please wear shoes on sunlit pavement. Please walk your doggies on the grass. 


Freaky Friday on Thursday

Witchlette has refused to partake in any of the book crafts I have planned for the summer. She has also refused non-book crafts. She’s just not feeling art right now. She’s not very artsy and is “required” to do art in school, so I am not about to force her to complete art at home if she doesn’t want to. 

She does, however, want to do science just about every day. 

On her birthday, when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she responded that she didn’t know. It used to be doctor, but it became ninja, but then knowing that isn’t real, it became unknown. 

A few days later, it became scientist. 


So this morning, when she asked to do experiments instead of art, then swim the next day, who was I to say, “No”?

We retried elephant toothpaste. Still not as advertised, but we still have the ingredients we bought soley for this and will try it again next week. 

Almost elephant toothpaste

We also did an alkaseltzer lava lamp, which was a huge hit. 

Witchlette wanted this rather artsy picture, so her outlet may be photography

And of course, after we finished our three experiments (we did toothpaste twice), we had free play…

This is precisely why I didn’t mop last night

…before going to rinse off in the shower and have lunch.