What they want, they get

Confession time:

Our front room, second living space, dubbed “the library” because that was my childhood goal…

Our front room is the last room with boxes, and much of the boxes are stuff that needs to make it’s way to the crafting space upstairs, which is also a chaotic moving clusterfuck.

I lost my patience for getting to the library eventually and cleared the space out myself Friday.

Ahh…much better!

Ok, background for the next part…

A few times, I have put some of my alter totems into a cabinet as things were being cleaned, or as certain rituals were being conducted and during which the presence of other deities would have been distracting both visually and spiritually. There was a point when Tyr, Odin, Loki, and Heimdall were in the cabinet for two weeks. They were not happy. Odin was pissed. When I did the Full 13 moon, everyone but Frigg was cabinetted. Frigg has never been cabinetted.

Last week, two more pieces have arrived, in the form of Ullr and Eir.

(Some people collect mugs, I collect gods 🤷😊)

The altar is getting crowded. I have shelves which will [eventually] be hung and some of the totems will move there.

During meditation yesterday, Odin made it clear he does not want to be in my bedroom. He wants to live in the library.

Heimdall wants to be on the front table, by the door.

Eir wants to be able to see the kitchen. Respectfully, she doesn’t want to be in the kitchen, likely because that is already space dedicated to Frigg, but she wants to be close.

Tyr wants to be close to the dogs, and it feels weird moving him away from Loki. Like, he keeps Loki in check. Loki doesn’t want to be on my altar, but also hasn’t specified a space where he will land. I like him sandwiched between Thor and Tyr where he is presently.

Hubby has been on board with everything else so far, why not to having Gods move in around the house. He took to them having new homes around the house really well.


To rebuild

A few weeks ago, I first shared about our new neighbors.

Tragedy struck them during a strong storm, knocking their nest from its perch. I just recently noticed exactly how tragic…

When the nest toppled down, an egg came down with it and cracked upon the stoop below.

Sometimes, Nature seems cruel. It’s not. It just happens. Nature didn’t have a storm to kill off that baby bird. It just happened. No malice, just wind.

But, Nature, in all of its forms, has a way of fighting back. Today, I had the pleasure of reading Stone of Destiny’s post on the power of Nature in places where humanity believes it has control.

The wind is one aspect of Nature. Wildlife is another.

They find balance together.

They rebuild.

Today, I noticed, in the place of the original nest, a new nest sits.

To not be

We are more and more settled into our new home. Our forever home. Because I’m not moving again until we retire, and the kids have settled somewhere on their own. No rush, but it will eventually happen.

My hope is that they settle within a half an hour from each other. Even if that settlement is across the country. I want to be ready and available to each of them equally.

But I digress…

My goal was to have the kids’ rooms settled first, because they were disrupted and it wasn’t their choice. I wanted them to have a semblance of normalcy again. The fourth bedroom of the house is their playroom so that our whole house doesn’t become play storage. As we have been unpacking, I have had concerns that there’s too much. I spent days fretting over toys.

Where to put them. How to store them.

I forgot that toys are for play…for the kids and me. Toys bring joy.

Our kids have “too many” toys because they have people in their lives who love them.

I don’t want to be that mom who spends all of my time fretting over what the garden looks like that I forget to smell the roses.