Reconciling the whole thing

Not directly Swedish. No significant amount of Scandinavian. Not a strong heritage tie to my gods as I thought there was. But every area report included a section about the Vikings. 

Thursday night, as I was initially processing the  whole thing, I was reminded by a dear friend: 

We are who we choose to be. You’ve made your choice, and I think whether you’re kith or kin to the Vikings of old, you’re still invited into the hall. 

Friday morning, I meditated with Frigg, Thor, Odin, Heimdall, Loki, Braggi, Idunn… and thanked them for calling to me, knowing I was kith and not kin. It felt right. It felt whole. 

It also had really good timing, as I’ve been trying to balance my Witch practice with the Pantheon of my deities. Now I fully see they called to me for me, and I will continue to incorporate them into my Magick, rather than change my Magick to match them. 

Skal and Blessed Be. 


Drumroll please……..

I did the ancestry testing. (Hubby did too so we can put both together for the kids). 

I have family trees going back multiple generations due to the hard work of my uncle on my dad’s side. 

I had family stories and nothing more on my mom’s side. 

While I was waiting for the test to come back, I started building a family tree. The amount of records I have been  able to find became overwhelming! 

There’s some very cool gems uncovered, but it drastically changed the course of the Family Lore. Kind of like when a science denier is hit so hard with science it makes denying the science impossible. 

I present ME!

The one genetic community is from my paternal grandfather’s side. He was the closest generationally to immigration without massive migration and intermarriage along the way, as seen from the family tree made by my uncle. All other genetic heritages are thousands of years old and the result of many migrations and intermarriages. 

Colored areas are definitive. Unshaded circles are smatterings. 

This would likely be my maternal grandmother’s family, partially from Germany, and my paternal grandmother’s family, partially from Italy. 

Both grandmothers’ families again, I presume. Paternal grandmother’s family is also from Lithuania. Birth records from my maternal grandmother show country of origin births for her grandparents in There is also a mention of Germany. 

This would be my paternal grandfather’s family. There is some Scottish on my mother’s paternal side. 

The majority of my mother’s family, both maternal and paternal, goes back to England, with a dash of Wales. 

Now we go to the tiny percentages that speckle and flavor the rest. 

There is Family Lore that my mother’s paternal grandmother was from Sweden. I found records which proved otherwise and have since shown those records to be correct by not having a higher amount of Swedish present. This also mentions Germany, which I know to be factual. And these markers we’re seen in Great Britian due to invasions and migrations. 

Records my uncle completed show my paternal grandmother had family from Russia who migrated to Lithuania. 

This is likely paternal grandmother’s Italy. 

I have no idea……

…at all…

So…my ancestry is not what I thought it was. I have Germanic ties to my gods, but no strong Northman ties. 

What I proved is that I am, like I have always believed, a mutt. I am a large mixture of European muttness. I’m a pound puppy. 

What I learned, going through family records while I was waiting for the dna to prove it, is that I have much stronger ties to America than I ever thought. 

Paternally, my grandparents were first generation Americans. 

Maternally, I found records linking forward to grandparents that stretch back to the 1500s. Some of the records say “British Colony Massachusetts”. I have ancestors who fought in the American Revolutionary War. I have ancestors who fought in the War of 1812. I have ancestors who fought for the Union during the American Civil War. 

I have an ancestor who was accused of, and confessed to, witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. 

I am the granddaughter of one of the witches you weren’t able to burn.

I can’t wait to teach The Crucible this year…

St. Patty’s Day

Yeah…I’m late with posting this. I was too busy actually enjoying St. Pat’s to blog about what I was doing. Then Monday came with some potential good news. Tuesday was a hockey game. Wednesday was a hockey player meet-and-greet. So, four days later, I’m posting. Oh well.

Saturday, we drove to Downtown Raleigh and enjoyed the St. Patty’s parade. It was a beautiful afternoon, the skies cleared just as the parade began. A lot of venders hawking business cards or giving away candy. A drummer in a kilt mooned a police officer on a motorcycle. One of the Celtic bands was marching before what I can only assume to be the coalition of motorcycle officers from around the area. One of the cops playfully rode between the last row of pipers and the drummer. The drummer stumbled a bit, flipped up his kilt, and titled out his backside.

Listening to pipers and watching jiggers is always my favorite way of celebrating my heritage.

We had corned beef, potatoes, and carrots for dinner. I would have preferred lamb but 1) lamb is really expensive in my area and 2) my in-laws were in town they don’t like lamb. So, we didn’t have a traditional Irish feast but we did have an Irish-American feast and that’s good enough I think.

Sunday was the big day! Hubby and I both wanted to take a nature hike and recommit ourselves to Mother Nature, as we do every Spring. We got to Crabtree County Park shortly before 1:00 and hiked the Lake Trail. We packed a lunch and a bottle of water with us and began the 6 mile loop. Granted, we didn’t know it was 6 miles until we finished. And we didn’t set out to take on such a feat. But once we were half way through, we didn’t want to go back! With the break to have our picnic and another break later in our hike, our time in the woods totaled 4 hours. One of the best 4 hours I’ve ever spent. The only thing I would change about the day: more thickets. I was able to find a place to make my own mommy-to-be rest stop along the way but only that one time. After a while the need to pee took over the joy of being in nature. Once we arrived at the boat house and were able to release and continue, the love of the woods took over again. Many times along the way, I stopped and enjoyed the spiritual moments I so often find in the woods. We saw a number of sparrows, finches, cardinals, blue jays, and robins. Hubby got a great picture of a crane. And we crossed paths with [what we think is] a Northern Black Racer Snake.

Yes, we saw a snake on St. Patty’s Day.