Guerilla gardening

So, someone in our neighborhood, about mid-April, went down our street and tossed sunflower seeds.

They weren’t chewed and spit out, they were just tossed about.

Fast forward to late June, and here we have, in front of our yard:

In the first picture, you can see the garden stake I set up yesterday afternoon. In the last picture, you can see the second bud which has bloomed. The second bud proved to be too heavy to the flower to stand under its own weight. Yesterday evening, I took pictures of a butterfly in the large bloom. The top picture was the beginning of our walk. The second and third pictures are from our trek home. The butterfly stayed long enough, sipping the nectar from each of the tubes.

And here are the buds further down the street.

Thank you, guerilla gardener, whomever you are!


First outdoor accomplishment

In front of the house, there is a brown patch. It looks like a place where a tree was, and no longer is.

Upon first viewing, Witchlette and I had an idea of putting a small wildflower garden there.

Yesterday, we tilled the area and seeded the turned soil. The kids both got watering cans for Easter, and they got their first use on the patch.

We have marigold seeds in the middle and wildflower bee attracting seed mixes around the edge.

All of us felt very accomplished upon it’s completion. We likely wont get to any more planting this season, as we are still unpacking and settling in. Next February, however, we will begin our seeds in the small green house in the kitchen and work on an outdoor vegetable garden in the back yard.

The wildflowers are just the beginning.


We been in the new house for a little over a week.

Today, our washer and dryer were delivered. Im running our first load in a while and the sense of normalcy is nice. We’re surrounded by boxes, most of them things that are deemed non-essentials and amung the first items to be packed, including lots of hanging decor. We want to have things settled and away before we start decorating, so we live around boxes.

About half of our stuff is still in boxes at Mom’s house. I brought home 9 (small) boxes Tuesday afternoon when I picked up the kids and will continue to do so until her house is empty. Next weekend, hubby and I will likely get a truckload out in his Jeep.

Around the house, things are settling in nicely. We’ve been dreaming of this house since the moment we saw it and it feels right that it’s now where we call home. Transitioning to my commute to work has been easy- I now take all back roads instead of the highway and the drive is a hair shorter. After work, I go to the same preschool near the old house to pick up the kids so the whole situation hasn’t changed. We didn’t see the fairness in taking Witchlette away from all her friends with only a few months left until she graduates Pre-K.

The kids have thoroughly enjoyed the house so far. They love the yard the most. In one of their many backyard adventures, they shared with me how they made a fire.

This morning, I found this:

This afternoon, Witchlette and I found the bulb which we blessed at charming of the plow.

It is now planted in the garden surrounding the deck in back.

We are now ready for Spring’s arrival next week!

More growth!

Interestingly, these growths align with day 10.

In May (or maybe April…) Witchlette and I planted a number of bulbs. The flowers from one type of bulb have already bloomed and gone. 

The second type of bulb burst open this morning!

Don’t mind the weeds, I’m an expert at growing those!

In the back, our sunflowers are winding down and our watermelon has a baby fruit on the vine.

The fruit is all gbe way down there!

The baby carrots have all been picked, though they were all too bitter. We’ll try again next year!

Continued growth

This Yule, Witchlette and I dedicated ourselves to improving our green thumbs. 

We planted basil and lavender during the winter holiday. 

Our six small pots of basil are doing quite well.

We’re still waiting for the lavender…

In February, we planted five bulbs. All of them were in pots and they all sprouted. We transplanted them to the front garden as we cleaned it up and gave it fresh mulch. Three of them have been thriving since transplanting. Two have yet to peak through. 

Two weeks ago, while making dinner, I found a potato that had more growth than not, so we planted it! 

Witchlette found watermelon and sunflower grow kits in her Easter basket which we will begin this weekend. 

Here’s hoping the green on our thumbs sticks…It’s been great bonding working in the dirt with her! And Witchling is excited to join us!