Eath Day musings

The web of life. All things are interconnected. All life is one. 

Scientific theory and spiritual ideals say the same. The Earth is alive. Call her Gaia, Jörd, Danu, Terra, Mother Nature, or any other name…She is alive. 

Whether you see her as this 

Or this 

Or this

One thing is clear. We are killing her. 

And in doing so, we are killing ourselves. 

Every person on ever country needs to live as if it matters. We all collectively need to do our part, if not for the good of all of the interconnected life, then selfishly for themselves. 

Humanity is literally burning her away until there’s nothing left. And when that comes, there will be nothing left. 

We have the power in our hands to fix it. 


Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to the mother we all share. Whether you know her as Gaia, Nature, Earth, or any other name…take a moment today and everyday to show love and respect to our shared mother.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to drop a line to any maternal influences you’ve had in your life today as well…

Mother’s Day

The second Sunday in the States is typically reserved for Mother’s day. A day created to honor our Mom’s, further commercialized by Hallmark to make as much money as possible. Jewelers, electronic stores…everyone who sells something has jumped into take take our money so we can gift to our Mom’s material things which will attempt to show how much we care about them.

I bought my mom the final season of one of her favorite TV shows.

Today I think all of us, no matter what creed or belief system, need to take a moment and thank our shared Mother.

Thank you, Mother Nature, Mamma Gaia, Lady Earth, whatever name you personally call her, for all that you provide for us. The flesh of your land from which we grow our sustenance. The water of your rivers from which we gather drink. The areas which you provide for us to live. Too many have taken advantage of your gifts and too few have shown gratitude.

On behalf of humanity, Thank You.

Brightest Blessings!