Earth day

It’s Earth day Witches!

We spent the late morning, picnic lunch, and early afternoon going on a hike through the wooded trails next to Haw River.

Also, as Swinter becomes more common and hurricane season starts in and gets more and more severe, let this serve as a reminder:


Eath Day musings

The web of life. All things are interconnected. All life is one. 

Scientific theory and spiritual ideals say the same. The Earth is alive. Call her Gaia, Jörd, Danu, Terra, Mother Nature, or any other name…She is alive. 

Whether you see her as this 

Or this 

Or this

One thing is clear. We are killing her. 

And in doing so, we are killing ourselves. 

Every person on ever country needs to live as if it matters. We all collectively need to do our part, if not for the good of all of the interconnected life, then selfishly for themselves. 

Humanity is literally burning her away until there’s nothing left. And when that comes, there will be nothing left. 

We have the power in our hands to fix it. 

Protect the Earth

Beware the Ides of March!

Except the Ides mean, according to Roman calendars, the middle of the month as marked by the Full Moon. 

Adventure Wicca, coordinators of Facebook event Protect the Earth, have jumped on this idea. 

Tonight, at dinner, after the meal blessing, we did a special blessing for Mother Earth. We thanked her for the soil in which our food grows, for the land on which our animals are raised, for the waters within her which we drink. Witchlette channeled the prophet Sagan and thanked her for being the planet we live on and our home. 

We thanked the Earth and wished her good will and protection, today and every day. 

After enjoying our meal, upon blowing out our special candle, I led a meditation in which we envisioned the earth as a whole as one would from space. 

Close your eyes. 

See the earth. 

See the green land, blue seas, white clouds. See it all together. 

Envision a glowing green light encircling the earth. This is our protection. This is our love. May she be safe from harm today and every day. 

So mote it be. 

We then extinguished the candle. 

Earth Goddess

This week on The Pagan Experience, the prompt is “Earth”. What is your definition of Earth and how is it incorporated into your work.

Earth, for me, is first and foremost our home. It is our Mother.

I have a lot of Animism in my beliefs which, while it may seem cheeky to some, I was introduced to through Pocahontas. Yes, the Disney animated film which took a very strong young girl and made her into a very sexy and still rather strong young woman…who fights for love. Because it’s a Disney movie from the height of the Princess era. I was in middle school when it came out, and while [looking back] parts of it are extremely campy, much of the music and the Earth-centric spiritual points are still relevant to me today.


Many people today, especially in the Western culture and Western way of thinking, view the Earth as something to be used. As a convenience for modern man. As something to profit off of. The Earth is alive. She is a living planet. And we are slowly killing her with our torturous ways. I have high hopes for her future, as my generation will do better than my parents’ generation and Witchlette’s generation will do better than mine. We need to realign ourselves, we connect ourselves with our Great Mother and remember she is nothing to be owned…in fact, she is never and was never “ours”.

The Earth, in addition to being our living planet, the Earth is my goddess. The Earth, specifically the mountains, is where I find solace. The earth brings me peace and comfort.

One of the many faces of the Earth goddess

Another image of the Earth goddess, specifically as a mother goddess. I found this picture while I was pregnant with Witchlette. It’s one of my favorites.

The earth is a point which we should all unite, not divide. No matter your beginning, your beliefs, we are all in this together. 

All faiths, everywhere, united for a common cause.

The Divine

Week 3 of The Pagan Experience. So far, so good!

This week’s prompt, and I believe the third prompt of every month, will be to explore the Deity and the Divine in your practice. The Deity aspect is something I am actually still doing, an on-going process. I’m still trying to figure out where I fit in with all of it…it’s complicated. Perhaps I will spend some time writing about that aspect at a later point.

For now, the Divine. Something I have never had an issue connecting with. I look around our beautiful world and I see the Divine at work everywhere. Every flower, every snowflake. Every one of my daughter’s giggles. I see the Divine through the Elements. The majority of my Craft has always been, and still is, focused on working with the Natural Elements.

When I am outside, especially in the woods [or sometimes at the beach], I can feel the vibrations of the Elements all around me. When I am anxious, or I need comfort, I call Earth to me and almost immediately feel at peace. I can feel the presence of a grassy field or a wooded thicket, the soft spring soil below my feet. I frequently call Earth to me and send Her to Witchlette or Hubby when they are sick and it seems to help them as well. When I feel overwhelmed, especially by negative emotions, I call Water to me. She helps me find the balance and reminds me that all experiences are for learning and growth and that this too not only shall pass but shall add to my wisdom. When I am lacking inspiration, I will call Fire to me. Meditating on the aspect of Fire helps to light some creative spark- even if it’s not what I was hoping to start, something will come. When I am trying to communicate something, or trying to learn something, I call Air to me. The winds that carry messages between the ancient spirits are excellent guides at helping me put words with what I am trying to get across.

When I am angry, which thankfully is a lot less often than it used to be, I call forth all of the elements in a South-North rotation:

Fire, come to me

Allow me to feel all of the

Burns of this anger

Without letting it consume me.

Water, come to me

Douse the intensity of these flames.

Provide me with the wisdom to feel

The true underlying emotion.

Air, come to me.

Cool me from the inside out.

Finish extinguishing these flames

Providing me with the articulation of emotion.

Earth, come to me.

Comfort me with your flesh and

Heal my burns as I release

My emotions into you. 

That piece was written after a really big blow-up, after a lot of soul searching and research into anger issues. After I wrote it, and used it once, I haven’t had to use it since. I have been able to simply navigate my way by keeping the Elements with me at all times.

The Perfect Day

Yesterday, we spent the day at the beach.

It is a 2 hour drive from home to the Wrightsville, our beach of choice. We got a bit of a late start, leaving the house just before 10. We couldn’t find parking in the pay lots but there was a lovely breeze so the trek from the street where we parked to the beach was nice.

Like I said on my last post, the beach is one of the most perfect places elementally speaking. Air from the ocean breeze, Water, Earth, and the Fire of the sun come together in the most Magickal way. Yesterday was a pinnacle day for the beach. There was not one cloud in the sky. The temperature was upper 80’s so not too hot. There was a decent breeze, but not enough to make the air cool. The water was nice and warm, but still a refreshing warm…and not warm enough for jellyfish!

We started off by having lunch under our umbrella/tent. Then we went into the ocean. We went into the surf, just past the breakers. Witchlette was splashing and laughing. A few waves caught her in the face, and while it wasn’t a pleasant experience, she wiped her eyes and kept on smiling. Her only complaint was being out of the water between swells…since the calm water was knee height and she was held hip height.

We also took a walk on the beach. Witchlette has a thing for collecting shells. She picked up every single piece she saw. Every one. It wasn’t a long walk because of how long she spent collecting. The excitement in her eyes at all of her discoveries was well worth it.

Yesterday wholly made up for our rained-out beach trip earlier this month.

I have never been a huge beach person. Neither has hubby. We both love the ocean, but hate the sand. I like going to the beach for the day, maybe a long weekend and going twice. This year was the first time Hubby and I had been to the beach together twice in one year. Seeing how much Witchlette loves the beach, we will be going regularly. At least twice a year, two day trips. Maybe more often…as often as Hubby and I can stand the sand.