Is my heathen showing?

So…it’s cold. 

No, like it’s fucking cold. 

Told you. Fucking cold.

Some folks joke that little girl’s everywhere are looking again to Elsa and all of this attention has got the bitch strutting her shit again. 

Witchlette just did some work with Skadi not so long ago. I’m not saying all of this is the result of Witchlette, but I will say she has as much of a hand in it as the kids watching the movie adnausium. 

But…here’s the thing.

Yes, it’s cold. 

It’s also 😱 winter ❄️. 

The people who are seem to be the most upset over the cold are also the ones who griped their way through the summer because it was too hot. 

Yes, I agree North Carolina does not have the infrastructure to handle this cold. But with the jet stream getting weaker and artic airflow coming at more extreme latitudes more frequently, they, and other southern areas, better get started. Because it’s only going to get worse. 

Not too long ago, I would totally put myself in the camp of it’s cold and I want to be inside where it’s warm. Recently, I’ve noticed I run very hot. Folks around me are shivering and I’m sweating. My students know to wear layers in my classroom because 70° is as high as I will set the thermostat- mostly because any more than that is wasteful but also because I physically can’t take any more. I get nauseated when it’s too warm. 

Like I said, this is a rather recent change. 

Could it be mind over matter, that I am focusing so much mental and emotional energies of connecting with my Gods and my ancestors that my physiology has shifted?

This morning, I had on a winter coat and gloves, and I was very comfortable. Others wore more and were still feeling frozen. Around 2:00, I left from my classroom to go to another building on the campus and walked out to a balmy, sunny afternoon. It felt pleasant. Surprised, I checked my phone for the temperature and was surprised when I saw 34°. Wow. I just described it as balmy. 

Perhaps it was compared to the 16° on the way to work.

Then again, perhaps my heathen is showing. 

Traditional alignment

Yesterday was groundhog day. Phil saw his shadow, informing us that winter is still six weeks away. …which it is, as there are six weeks between Imbolc and Ostera, but it will feel like winter for these last six weeks. 

However, it was also nearly 70 degrees on Imbolc. 

Both tradions agree, it will be cold between now and Ostera. 

Utter Bunk

Today, I mowed the lawn today at about 11. It was a cool 85 degrees and overcast in my area. Normally, I would have to finish yard work by 10:30 to avoid over heating. I saw on the news this morning that this month, in many states, have the highest record not only for heat but for differential in temperatures between this year and last year.

And all of the Global Warming Doomsdayers come out of the woodwork…BUNK I SAY!

*Disclaimer: I’m not a scientist, I’m not a climate expert. But I am a reader, of all topics. And I have talked about what I have read with the experts.*

Global warming, as it is touted, is bologna. The planet goes through climatic changes. Periods where ice exists on the planet are ice ages, and those periods without ice are tropical ages. We are coming out of an ice age and entering a tropical age. This change would happen with or without us! Yes, humans have spread up the process with industrialization and motorized transportation. Yes, we should do everything we can to slow down the speed at which we are increasing the shift. Yes, eventually all the ice on the planet will melt. And the waters will rise, and we will all have to shift inland. Life as we know it will change.

But it would anyway.

And it will change back.

As it has so many times before.