Life imitating art imitating life

20 years ago, a tiny mid-season replacement called Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered.

I was in middle school. It was in the same weekly lineup as Charmed (hasn’t aged as well but still mostly relevant) and Dawson’s Creek (which has aged horribly). It was billed by the network as a show for the same demographic: teen girls.

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The show was ahead of its time; it was immediately classic and still has a ginormous cult following. It ended with 7 filmed seasons but continues its cannon with graphic novel of 3 “seasons” with another on the way.

The show is one that was not only ahead of its time, but was ahead of my time. When it was on the air originally, I loved it and I was glued to the idiot box every week then had long discussions with my middle school friends dissecting what we had just seen. What folks were wearing, who was super cute, how unbelievably hot Spike is.

Buffy was my first exposure to Magick- real Magick, watched at a time when I was the leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at my high school. It was my first introduction to loss other than an older relative. It was my first look at love and lust and how they are so easily intertwined. It was my first…everything…


When my sister passed away in 2005, I watched The Body (aired in 2001) over and over again with gut wrenching sobs and just allowed myself to feel the hopeless sad and emptiness that followed. As I dealt with the emotional fallout of her death in the following months, I watched Once More With Feeling (aired in 2001), as Buffy just needed to feel. Life was not turning out the way it was supposed to, and I felt hollow, empty, nothing. More than a decade later, as I was reeling with postpartum issues, I turned to The Gift (aired in 2001).

The hardest part to do in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live.

I use many tracks from Buffy episodes, but mostly Sacrifice, for meditation and yoga purposes.

I’ll never forget the first time I was told Buffy wasn’t for me. I was a freshman in college and I had all of my seasons on DVD with me, and watched them regularly and religiously. Talked with folks who I thought were friends at the time, about our shared love of the show. Was told by them that I’m not what Buffy represents at it’s core.

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It was my for others: for needs and rejects and social outcasts. It was for folks on the fringe and I’m too mainstream.

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Except, I’m not.

I’m exactly who Buffy was made for. I’m the key core demographic.

I’m human. Therefore Buffy was made for me. And you. And anyone who has emotions and lives life.

But don’t take my word for it. Anthony Head (Giles) can tell you all about it.


A battle cry for all of us in these tower times


Willow and Magick

Not too long ago, there was a post on Facebook from The Domestic Pagan asking followers how they tackled the everyday. Did they go straight to Magick, or did they avoid Magickal usage in the mundane?

Many followers commented that they do things the “muggle” way before bringing in Magick, if they involve Magick at all. My response was that I tend to use Magick at the get-go, in addition to non-Magick efforts.

I’m currently going through Buffy season 6. The season begins with Willow tapping into very primal, powerful Magicks to bring Buffy back from the dead. Then Willow begins to become addicted to Magick and is using it for every mundane task. The gang finds out Xander and Anya are engaged and host a small party (with just the seven of them) at the Summers house. There was no notice of the engagement, and thusly no time to be decorations, so Willow conjures up some. Tara freaks out and Giles freaks out but Willow blows them off. Later that night, Willow is looking for Dawn in a crowd and wants to send “everyone who’s not a 15-year-old girl into an alternate dimension…for only a fraction of a second.” Again, Tara freaks out and storms off. We never see if Willow performs the spell on her own.

This got me to thinking about my original response. I use Magick not only in ritual but also to work through big problems. But when I am looking for a topic for grad school, I don’t use Magick to conjure up one. I have Goddess given gifts, including the gift of language to assist my in most any task I take on. When I clean my house (the “big” spring and fall cleaning), I make a ritual out of it, so there’s some Magick there. But it’s a ritual in my house, just like an Esbat or Sabbat ritual. But typically I save it for the big stuff. Flying, job interview, sickness… So, I am changing my answer…kind of. For the most part, I muggle my way through.