Temple visit

Today Witchlette and I visited the Buddhist temple in Raleigh. 

We walked around the book store within and spoke with the site manager. 

We went into the gompa, which was beautiful with brightly colored tapestry on every wall. The altar was also bright and colorful and very lovely. My chakras were on overdrive, so I sat on a pillow and meditated until they were balanced with the intense amount of energy present. It was a lovely energy, but still intense. Witchlette also sat to meditate for a bit and was very happy to be able to do so. 

Then, we went to the garden. 

Witchlette would like to make a set of prayer flags for her room to hang over her window. 

Buddha in the back garden

It was a lovely visit, but not some place Witchlette has said she would like to go regularly. I told her if she does, we will. For now, she just wants prayer flags to help her meditate in her own space. 


For Witchlette

Witchlette has taken an interest in Shinto and Buddhist practices lately. Granted, she doesn’t quite know it. She knows it’s what Sensei Splinter does on Ninja Turtles, and when I shared with her that what Sensei discussed is based in real spiritual practices, she wanted to learn more about them.

We plan on visiting a Buddhist temple in Raleigh in the next few weeks.

And when I found these beauties at the dollar store, I couldn’t resist encouraging Witchlette’s spiritual curiosity by adding them to our family altar in the living room.


Zen is a Buddhist principle which emphasizes focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. It is an Asian concept, obviously with the Buddhist origins.

I find my Zen in my library. It is technically our sun porch, with a very large comfy chair and all of my books. I go there to unplug, unwind, relax, and explore the world through literature.

The design of the room is Asian inspired, with one of the center pieces a Japanese wedding rice dish and husband/wife chopsticks given to us on our wedding from my father-in-law’s work friend. (He’s a director in Panasonic so many of his coworkers are Japanese). Along with the rice dish, we have a few happy Buddha statues, Asian lion book ends, and a Gandhi quote (I know, two types of Asians but hey, zen is zen!)

My husband’s zen is fabrication: working on our cars, our motorcycles, his rc cars, his bicycle…my zen is reading.

Everyone has a zen, a happy place where they feel mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically at peace.