I have been filled with many blessings. Family, friends, health. 

I hold my path very high in importance. It’s a defining part of who I am. “Hockey loving wife and mother, Celtic Heathen Kitchen Witch.”

I am blessed to share my path with my Little Witches, and that they take a genuine interest in Magick. 

Witchlette has had her eye on some water which was blessed not too long ago. She wanted to use it for gardening, for cooking, for bathing her turtles. Yesterday, she and Witchling (mostly Witchling) “harvested” rose petals from the bush at the front of the house. Witchlette, knowing they’re a Magickal ingredient, decided to keep them. Today, after school, she took them into the bathroom, surrounded them with water and happily splashes in rose water for about 20 minutes. Upon emerging, she beamed and said, “I have my own blessed water! I blessed the water with the rose petals!” 

I was in awe and overjoyed and bursting with pride. 

A beat kater, in inquired how she blessed it, what she said. 

“I hope all your birthday wishes come true.”

Be still me heart. 

They just did little one. They just did. 


Morning blessings

Each morning, in the car on the way to our endeavors, we sing the morning blessing song. I have been saying, “Shall we start in the North?” and between each verse, change direction, “To the East/South/West/Center.”

Presently,  as we back out of the driveway and begin to turn up the street, Witchling asks, “Start North?”

I have been giving the Little Witches ideas between representations (trees, breeze, flame, lake), animals (deer, eagle, lion, dolphin), and mythological creatures.

Witchlette typically chooses mythological creatures. Dark elves and gnomes for Earth; Witchling likes calling for ‘chauns (Leprechauns). Air gets light elves and faeries. Pheonix, dragons, griffins, and sphinx for Fire. Undines, mermaids, and sprites for Water.

Good morning _________________

Good morning _________________

Good morning Earth

It’s good to see you today!

Good morning _________________

Good morning _________________

Good morning Air

It’s good to see you today!

Good morning _________________

Good morning _________________

Good morning Fire

It’s good to see you today!

Good morning _________________

Good morning _________________

Good morning Water

It’s good to see you today!

Good morning Divinity

Good morning Life

Good morning Spirit

It’s good to see you today!

This morning, which Witchlette specifically asked if it was Thor’s day, Hubby drove the kids to pre-school. Witchling was too excited about taking “Jeep school! Jeep school!” to request the morning blessing song from Hubby. I am curious if he would ask for it from Hubby in his car versus his Jeep.

Pomp and circumstance

I try to be one for elaborate ritual. 

It’s beautiful when someone does it well. I’ve seen ladies use besoms to cast a Circle thrice. I’ve seen a lady and gentleman cast a Circle with a sword, then invoke male and female deities with Atheme and Cup respectively. 

But when I do it, solitarily, it feels silly. 

I’ll light my candles at my altar, speak some meaningful words, and do my workings whether that’s grind herbs or draw cards, or just meditate. Recently, I haven’t even been vocal. 

Raised as a Catholic, I was taught thoughts are just as powerful as words, and that I was to atone for not only my actions and my words, but also my thoughts and feelings. 

So, I know that the intention behind the actions, words, and thoughts have power. I’ve taught this a few times now. Last night, however, I proved it. 

I’ve been on my Pagan path for 11 years. I’ve only been fully working with the Norse Pantheon, and working closely with Frigg since, for the last few months. The majority of my 11 years, I’ve been a spiritual atheist. I’ve been close with the Elements and know that there is a Divine, but I never saw it as more than energy. I never gave them a name. I couldn’t wrap my mind around a persona living in another realm controlling certain aspects. 

Until I began believing that personas living in another realm was controlling certain aspects. It started by acknowledging The Thunderer during storms. 

Last night, wanting to make a connection to Frigg, to dedicate myself to a path in her honor. I lay in bed, before sleep overtook me, and silently spoke to her through my mind’s voice. Some of it I have spoken before, at my altar. Some of it just came. 

Blessed Frigg

Keeper of women, wives, mothers, and children 

Bestower of blessings of conjugal and matronly love

In your honor, I am a strong woman 

In your honor, I am a devoted wife 

In your honor, I am a doting mother

I live my life fulfilling to me while honoring you

I am a big believer in energy portals on the body, chakras of you will. When I am meditating or casting or otherwise connecting, I feel a warning, buzzing, lifting, heightened sensation radiating from the crown of my head. Last night, despite my voice remaining silent, I had this confirmation of a connection, the strongest one I’ve ever had. 

I then slept into the deepest most restful sleep I’ve had in years. 

Imbolc dinner blessing

Before eating, after blessing our meal, we talked about Imbolc being the return of the Sun. Witchlette spent time at school playing outside feeling the Sun’s rays. Witchling did the same. Hubby and I both worked indoors today and didn’t get to spend much time outside. We did get to enjoy our drive to and from work with the Sun, something we didn’t get to do just last week. 

After eating, we did a small ritual 

May the Sun continue to bless us

In all that we do

With all of the seeds that we may download

Literal or metaphorical

So mote it be

Blessed be. 


This evening as we sat down for dinner, Witchlette asked with an explosion of toddler excitement, “What are we celebrating tonight?” I responded, “What would you like to celebrate?” “Lughnasadh!” she replied as she went to the table. 

Our red candle is still out, and will be used again for Mabon. Though, tonight, Hubby and I were discussing over dinner, with his promise to be participatory in at-home rituals, that we have nightly blessings with seasonally decorated table and color appropriate candles for dinner. This practice allows us to not only make Magick real and shared and a family affair, but also, since we are at the dinner table, get back into actively blessing our food. 

I had seasonal decor for our foyer table, which has been in storage since Witchlette started walking. This decor will be put around the grapevine wreath with the seasonally-alligned color candle in the center. 

When Beth puts out her Sun Wheel for Yule preparation, we will adjust the layout but otherwise we should be good!

Baby Blessing

On August 26, we held Witchlette’s blessing in a local park. I wrote the ceremony myself. It was intended to be a small ceremony with my nearest and dearest but I ended up including a few others not originally intended. It all worked out wonderfully in the end.

Also, I had a priestess slated to lead the ritual but she fell ill and couldn’t come. Instead, we had three family members each read a leader part. That ended up working better than I could have imagined.

Here is the ritual I wrote for the occasion:

As guests arrive, have them pick stones from a bowl
Tiger’s Eye: good fortune
Rose Quartz: love
Topaz: good health
Moss Agate: spiritual well-being
Gold Feldspar: for a clear mind
Hematite: to protect from negativity
Lapis Lazuli: for wisdom
Peridot: for courage
Moonstone: for intuition and magic

Leader: We gather today to bless and name this child, a new life that has become part of our family. To call a thing by name is to give it power, and so today we shall give her this gift by welcoming her with a blessing.

Mom/Dad: May you remain pure and perfect, and let anything that is negative stay far beyond your world. May you always have good fortune, good health, be joyful, and have love in your heart. You are known to all the Universe as ________ Bear your name with honor. Welcome,______, to our family and to our hearts. We thank the Universe for giving you the gift of life and for giving us the gift of you.

Reader: Gods of our home, gods of our hearth,
today we present you with someone new.
She is a member of our family,
and this is her new home.
We ask you to welcome her,
we ask you to love her,
we ask you to protect her,
we ask you to bless her.
Watch over her as she grows.
Watch over her as she lives.
Watch over her with love.

Leader: In both the physical and spiritual world, four natural elements surround us. When she was conceived, those elements came together to create physical life. Today we are here to welcome her to the spiritual world through a blessing of those same four elements.

Earth guardian: The flesh of your body is akin to the soil of the Earth. Your bones, her rocks. Your hair, her grasses and trees. The Earth is full of nurturing and comfort. Look to her in times of need, she is there for you. Have this energy within yourself to nurture and comfort others. May you always find peace with Earth.

Pass pine come in a circle around.

My wish for you is _____________________. Place stone at her feet.

Air guardian: Just as Air fills your lungs with precious oxygen, Air also fills your mind with knowledge. Listen to the message sent to you over the wind, for each passing breeze has something to say. May you forever learn and grow with Air.

Pass feather in a circle around

My wish for you is ___________________. Place stone at her feet.

Fire guardian: The fiery Sun gives life to the Earth, while molten lava destroys it. Human passion reacts similarly, enriching our life or consuming it. Follow your desires and embrace your will. Kindle your flam, but always seek balance with Fire.

Pass lava rock in a circle around

My wish for you is ____________________. Place stone at her feet.

Water guardian: The lifeforce of the Earth is found in her oceans and rivers, just as your lifeforce is found in your heart and veins. With each beat, feel your life-waters caress through your body. Within each beat, feel the pulse of human emotion and pay attention to the eternal wisdom found within. Don’t be afraid to feel whether you smile or shed a tear. May you feel all life has to offer with Water.

Pass shell in a circle around

My wish for you is __________________. Place stone at her feet.

Parents: My wish for you is _____________________. Place stone at her feet.

Grandparents: My wish for you is _____________________. Place stone at her feet.

Others who wish to speak: My wish for you is _____________________. Place stone at her feet.

Anyone who doesn’t want to say wish aloud can place stone in bowl now.

Leader: You are Blessed with each natural Element. May they guide you each day. A path is not being chosen for you; as you experience life, look to your Parents and your Guides to help you find your way….A pile of stones rests at your feet, representing blessings and wishes bestowed upon you by all those present today. You will forever be surrounded by those who love you.

My mother in law was extremely hands on and was very eager to help me set up the Circle, looking at the colored candles and trying to figure out which candle went where. It was very heart warming.

This is the lighting of the Spirit candle with Witchlette also at center.


This is the cake I designed