Bedtime yeah buts

The bedtime “yeah but”s is a now a new phenomenon in my house. It’s been a semi-regular occurrence since Witchlette was 2 1/2. 

Last night I felt that I finally had an answer to all of the “yeah but”s which also stopped them. 

Last night, after reading her book, blowing out her candle, and telling her another Asgard story…

Mama, please…I need company. 

[Witchlette], there are two things Mama needs to keep being a good, sweet, patient Mama. Do you remember what they are?

Food and I don’t know. 

Sleep. Food and sleep. Mama is very tired and I need to go to sleep myself so that I can rest and be a good patient sweet Mama tomorrow. And you need to go to sleep because you have a big day with A’s birthday party. 

Ok Mama. But I can’t find Horton. 

/Pulls Horton lovey off elbow and drops onto face/ You don’t mean the one you were snuggling with already?

Oh. Mama. 

Food and sleep [Witchlette]. It’s very late (for you). I love you, good night. 


Bedtime Routine

I remember when I was a child, my mom would tuck me into bed and part of my bedtime routine was giving blessings.

“God bless Mommy

God bless Daddy

God bless Grandma and Grandpa…”

We would run through both sides of the family tree, including animals, and after list friends, neighbors, classmates, teachers, and wild animals that were seen during the day.

With Witchlette, we have a set regular bed time routine: teeth brushing, new diaper and PJs, read a book, dim the lights, good night kisses, and down to sleep.

Like my mom did with me and countless other moms do with their kids, we have bedtime saying. But, instead of blessing people, we basically thank the Universe for the experience of the day and are thankful for the chance at another one. It’s the paraphrase of a Seussian quote:

“Today was good.

Today was fun.

Tomorrow is another one.”

After her first birthday, I am going to add another level of Magick to the bedtime routine. We have a lantern hanging in her room; we bought it before I was even pregnant and held onto it because it just felt like the perfect starting point for a young child’s alter. I am going to put in a tea light and light it before we put on PJs. After the book, we will say our blessing, snuff out the candle, and give good night kisses.

The point of this is two-fold. First, to incorporate a routine that encourages spiritual practice, something that can change and grow with her as she changes and grows. Second, to start early with the respect of the flame and other Magickal tools. That these things are not toys and are to be used regularly but with the understanding that they are tools and not toys.

I want to begin to incorporate something in the morning. For myself, my blessings of gratitude to the Universe are reciprocals of each other. “Thank you for another chance to breathe, another chance to rise. Another day to love, another day to live” and “Thank you for another day of love, another day of life” in the morning and evening, respectively. I’m considering using my morning blessing with Witchlette, but I’m honestly not sure. Part of my feels like it’s too much for her. Maybe something more whimsical like saying good morning to the sun, or the rain, or the clouds. And set a goal for the day. “Good morning Sun. Today I will play outside.” Or “Good morning Rain. Today I will read a book.” This is also something that can grow with her.