Practical tip

Practical Magic is not just the best Magick movie ever.

It’s also very useful.

Lots of kitchen witches discuss the need to stir deosil while stirring to infuse positivity into one’s food.

It’s more than that.

Stir deosil, the splatter splashes go to the back of the stove. Stir widdershins, and one could end up with hot roux in one’s eye.

Deosil for the win.

Luckily the roux wasn’t hot enough to blister, though it did hurt. A lot.


Blessed Solstice

Looking at the traditional* American Pagan Wheel of the Year, today would be Litha or Midsummer. On Heathen Wheels, it’s just Midsummer.

To celebrate this morning, the Littles and I made Honey Cakes a la Moody Moons. We didn’t have the honeycomb molds, but the cupcake version tasted yummy all the same!

We blessed and offered ale to our ancestors, the Aesir, Asynjur, and Vanir. We also acknowledged the Fae, on this, their favorite day- at least according to the great Bard.

It was extremely fitting to have all of our Black-Eyed Susans open as of this morning.

Special attention and Hail to Sunna.

Rollers, rollers, everywhere!

Ok, so maybe not *everywhere*, but a good handful!

I’ve been meaning to make rollers since January. But, then we packed, and moved, and unpacked. And I finally took the time to make them.

Part of me is very happy that I did. Part of me is not. Not for making the rollers, but for when. Summer vacation equals stay at home mom equals all of my time focused the kids. But, if I do nothing but cater to and entertain them, then I am doing them no favors. I am making them more of the entitled monsters which I gripe about to Hubby.

So, while the kids played play dough, I played oils.

The numbers listed below are drops for a 10 ml bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil.

Happy Vibes

The root and petal on IG

6 each of sage, orange, and lemon.

Bug Itch

Living well mom

10 each of Basil and lavendar, 5 Tea tree

Each of the following is taken from Young Living

Boo Boo

10 each of Lavender, Tea Tree, and Cedarwood (substituted for Frankincense)


8 each of Lavender and Rosemary (substituted for Marjoram)


7 Eucalyptus, 5 Rosemary, 3 Orange (substituted for Grapefruit)


6 Lemon, 4 Rosemary, and 2 Cypress

A simple motion

Witchlette recently watched a piece about garbage in the ocean. She has committed herself to doing her part.

We went shopping for Moana-esque table decor for her birthday party. It’s still over a month off, but luau decor goes away by the first of July. So, we got ours.

Upon as we placed the table cloths in the cart, Witchlette turned to me and said, “Remember, I don’t want balloons anymore. Ever. They’re not good for the turtles. And I want to turtles to be safe and healthy.”

Gleaming with pride, I applauded her efforts, because each small act can lead to something big.

To rebuild

A few weeks ago, I first shared about our new neighbors.

Tragedy struck them during a strong storm, knocking their nest from its perch. I just recently noticed exactly how tragic…

When the nest toppled down, an egg came down with it and cracked upon the stoop below.

Sometimes, Nature seems cruel. It’s not. It just happens. Nature didn’t have a storm to kill off that baby bird. It just happened. No malice, just wind.

But, Nature, in all of its forms, has a way of fighting back. Today, I had the pleasure of reading Stone of Destiny’s post on the power of Nature in places where humanity believes it has control.

The wind is one aspect of Nature. Wildlife is another.

They find balance together.

They rebuild.

Today, I noticed, in the place of the original nest, a new nest sits.

What they know…

Children are what they know. It’s nature.

My kids speak English because they’re parents speak English. They sing songs in Spanish because that’s what they learn in school. Witchlette recognizes me in a croud when I give her the I-LOVE-YOU sign, because that’s my second language.

And, so it seems, that any word or phrase with “guard” in it, for Witchling, gets an “As”.

When playing sword fighting, and adding fencing rules, the kids now start with “En garde… Allez!” Except Witchling hears, and so shouts, “Asgard… Allez!”

At a friend’s pool the other night, he noted all of the “Asgards” around. And he asked when the “Asgards” would blow their next break whistle.

Asgards, keeping everyone safe, one pool day at a time.