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The spells below are both a mixture of positive affirmations and daily blessing as well as actual Magick.

It is very important to remember when casting that intent is everything. While it may sound really pretty to have rhyme and meter, if you focus on the words and not the intent behind it, your casting is less likely to be successful. If you say what’s in your heart, whether it sounds pretty or not, it’s more likely to be successful because you have all of your intentions behind it.


Morning Blessing

Thank you for

Another chance to breathe

Another chance to rise

Another day to love

Another day to live


Meal Blessing

Blessed Be the food we eat

Blessed Be the grains that grew

Blessed Be the animals that gave

Thanks and Blessed Be to Mother Earth


Night Blessing

Thank you for this day

For everything that came my way

May I sleep in peace

With dreams and rest

And tomorrow rise

To do my best


Morning/Night Blessing

Thank you for

Another day to breathe

Another day to rise

Another day of love

Another day of life



As a drop of water is part of the ocean,

So am I part of the Earth,

My mother.

She created me,

She nurtures me,

and she will receive me when I die.

In gratitude, I honor her at this time.


Forgiving/Reclaiming Your Power

1) Get a pen and paper, a cauldron of some kind, a lighter, and a candle. Get comfortable

2) Center and ground. Light the candle when ready.

3) Feel the goodness inside yourself: know all the positive deeds you have done, love yourself for the good person you are.

4) Go through your life- list everyone whom you have given a part of yourself to: parents, siblings, spouse, friends, etc. List both positive and negative influences

5) Stop at each positive influence and thank them for the impact they have made on your life. Also stop at each negative influence, forgive them for their impact. Acknowledge any emotion that bubbles up, then release it and let it go.

6) Burn the list.


Knot Magick

*For any purpose*

Choose colors based on purpose or just use regular hemp cord. Cut three strand equal in length and make a braid.

Center and ground.

Hold the braid in your palms and focus on your intent. Will the intent into the cord. Make knots in the cord to strengthen your intent.

Knot of one, the spell’s begun.

Knot of two, make it true.

Knot of three, so mote it be.

Leave the knots tied and place the cord in a safe place where you can focus energy into it regularly until your goal is reached.

When your goal has manifested, burn the cord or, if you use natural fibers, you can also bury the cord.


Monster Repellent (for Witchlette)

1 Spray bottle




Geranium (protection)

Peppermint (purification)

Thyme (courage)

Black pepper (power)

Fill bottle with water. Add a pinch of each. Have child design label.

When a child is scared, go to the area of the room that is scary and spray the repellant. The scary thing will disappear.


Nightmare Banishing (for Witchlette)

Amethyst crystal


Fill a small, wide mouth container with dried lavender. This is the resting place for the crystal. Should be kept close to bed and within view.

Conjure circle round the bed

Where I lay my weary head

Bathed in calm and soothing light

I will spend a peaceful night.




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