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All rituals here are ones that I have written, partially or completely, and have already used.

Baby Blessing

*Below is the blessing I used for both Witchlette and Witchling*

Begin by having all in attendance choose a stone (quartz, tigers eye, hematite, etc)

Leader: We gather today to bless and name this child, a new life that has become part of our family. To call a thing by name is to give it power, and so today we shall give him this gift by welcoming him with a blessing.

Mom/Dad: May you remain pure and perfect, and let anything that is negative stay far beyond your world. May you always have good fortune, good health, be joyful, and have love in your heart. May you always be strong and kind, brave and wise, honest and true. You are known to all the Universe as [baby’s first and middle names]. Bear your name with honor. Welcome [meaning of first and middle names] to our family and to our hearts. We thank the Universe for giving you the gift of life and for giving us the gift of you.


Spirits of Nature which inhabit this place,

Ancestors which have walked these paths,

Gods that dwell in these lands,

And Cosmos which enfolds us all:

Today we present you with someone new.

S/he is a member of our family,

and this is his/her new home.

We ask you to welcome him/her,

we ask you to love him/her,

we ask you to protect him/her,

we ask you to bless him/her.

Watch over him as s/he grows.

Watch over him as s/he lives.

Watch over him/her with love.

Leader: In both the physical and spiritual world, four natural elements surround us. When s/he was conceived, those elements came together to create physical life. Today we are here to welcome him/her to the spiritual world through a blessing of those same four elements.

Earth guardian: The flesh of your body is akin to the soil of the Earth. Your bones, her rocks. Your hair, her grasses and trees. The Earth is full of nurturing and comfort. Look to her in times of need, she is there for you. Have this energy within yourself to nurture and comfort others. May you always find peace with Earth.

Place pine cone at his feet

My wish for you is _____________________.

Place stone in jar

Air guardian Just as Air fills your lungs with precious oxygen, Air also fills your mind with knowledge. Listen to the message sent to you over the wind, for each passing breeze has something to say. May you forever learn and grow with Air.

Place feather at his feet

My wish for you is ___________________. Place stone in jar

Fire guardian: The fiery Sun gives life to the Earth, while molten lava destroys it. Human passion reacts similarly, enriching our life or consuming it. Follow your desires and embrace your will. Kindle your flame, but always seek balance with Fire.

Place lava rock at his feet

My wish for you is ____________________. Place stone in jar

Water guardian: The lifeforce of the Earth is found in her oceans and rivers, just as your lifeforce is found in your heart and veins. With each beat, feel your life-waters caress through your body. Within each beat, feel the pulse of human emotion and pay attention to the eternal wisdom found within. Don’t be afraid to feel whether joy or sorrow, whether you smile or shed a tear. May you feel all life has to offer with Water.

Place shells at his feet

My wish for you is __________________. Place stone in jar

Parents: My wish for you is _____________________. Place stone in jar

Sibling: My wish for you is ____________________. Place stone in jar

Grandparents: My wish for you is _____________________. Place stone in jar

Others who wish to speak: My wish for you is _____________________. Place stone in jar

Anyone who doesn’t want to say wish aloud can place stone in bowl now.

Leader: You are Blessed with each natural Element. May they guide you each day. A path is not being chosen for you; as you experience life, look to your Parents and your Elemental Guardians to help you find your way. A pile of stones rests at your feet, representing blessings and wishes bestowed upon you by all those present today. You will forever be surrounded by those who love you.


You will find four kinds of rituals here:

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  4. Other events