Modern witch’s momming life


It’s the beginning of August, the winding home stretch of summer. It’s time to evaluate our summer bucket list and see what specifically we haven’t done and what we really want to do.

It’s the beginning of back to school preparation. Kids have grown taller and stronger and need bigger clothes to fit new frames. New school supplies have been acquired.

New-again interests continue to pique, as both Witchlette and Witchling watch/play/speak nothing but Pokémon. This is something Witchlette liked as a toddler, but fell out of favor with for a while. Now she’s back on the wagon in a big way. And she’s bringing Witchling for a ride, though he very much has his hands on at least half of the reigns.

Witchling still relies on meditation to help himself drift off to sleep. We often do “Rainbow” chakra meditations. He also enjoys going on visualization trips. Those trips started to incorporate visiting and bonding with some of his favorite Pokémon in the wild. He has shifted back to Rainbow meditation, but he carries his Pokémon with him.

Red light- ground like Diglett

Orange light- feel your emotions- happy like Chancey, grumpy like Snubble, excited like Mr. Mime, sad like Cubone

Yellow light- embrace your intuition and take hold of the total of your personal power like Drowsy and Hypno.

Green light- feel all the love from your family and friends float back and forth from you and to you on a Lovedisk (his insistence that it be a Lovedisk)

Light blue light- communicate your thoughts, wants and needs, honestly and openly, through words or song like Jigglypuff

Dark blue light- feel your third eye open, feel your connection to the other world and connect to Magick like Abra, Kadabra, and Alacazam

Purple light- feel your connection to the Divine, the whole of the Universe, as Mew is interconnected with the whole of the Universe.

So…this is what happiness looks like. Taking something you hold dear, mixing it with the interest of your beloved, and making something all your own.

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