I have been feeling as though I have been lost as of late.

This time last year, everything I did in some way incorperated the gods. Almost all of the media I took in, the fictional books I read…

Over the summer, I was feeling a bit burnt out for lack of a better word. Overwhelmed that everything was about them.

And now, the ultimate extremist, as Hubby would remind me, I have swung too far in the other direction and I miss having so much of the gods in my everyday life.

There are books to be borrowed from the library, and there are more digital mediums to be taken in.

Lately, however, I’ve also been as the point where I can only consume so much. I need to start outputting my own. I need to solidify my own head Cannon and that needs to come from within.

Which means I have to actually do something. …another issue my lazy bones has been having as of late. I seem to be running at 100 mph, as it was described by a colleague. I’m up before dawn, working to my fullest my whole time at work (no lunch break blogs as lunch is still crunch time) and then I’m off to get the littles and wear my Mama hat.

They go to bed, and I can be found on a couch, watching the tube.

No creation.

My sacral chakra needs a realignment.

Last night, while putting Witchlette to bed, on a “trip” meditation, I was inspired to bring her to one of her goddesses and she loved it.

This morning while walking the dogs and meditating after, I had a vision of what my most ancient ancestors may have seen when they looked to the sky.

These will hopefully kickstart something in me which will lead to more creation. And less tv watching stagnation.


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