Rollers, rollers, everywhere!

Ok, so maybe not *everywhere*, but a good handful!

I’ve been meaning to make rollers since January. But, then we packed, and moved, and unpacked. And I finally took the time to make them.

Part of me is very happy that I did. Part of me is not. Not for making the rollers, but for when. Summer vacation equals stay at home mom equals all of my time focused the kids. But, if I do nothing but cater to and entertain them, then I am doing them no favors. I am making them more of the entitled monsters which I gripe about to Hubby.

So, while the kids played play dough, I played oils.

The numbers listed below are drops for a 10 ml bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil.

Happy Vibes

The root and petal on IG

6 each of sage, orange, and lemon.

Bug Itch

Living well mom

10 each of Basil and lavendar, 5 Tea tree

Each of the following is taken from Young Living

Boo Boo

10 each of Lavender, Tea Tree, and Cedarwood (substituted for Frankincense)


8 each of Lavender and Rosemary (substituted for Marjoram)


7 Eucalyptus, 5 Rosemary, 3 Orange (substituted for Grapefruit)


6 Lemon, 4 Rosemary, and 2 Cypress

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