Talking about language

Language is one of the best evolutions of humanity.

Language is an amazing connection that bridges worlds together.

Language is awesome.

Every fucking word.

Now that we have kindergarten settled, and after school dance registration complete, I can think about other elementary school topics.

Both of my kids know the phrase “son if a bitch” thanks to Modern Family and, hilariously, Ant-Man.

The school Witchlette is going to is a K-8 school. My understanding is that the school is broken into three wings and the kids transition between wings every three years. K-2, 3-5, 6-8. I don’t think Witchlette is going to be around the middle school students much, if at all.

But she is going to be around order kids. And kids seem to be getting older every year.

And she’s going to hear some things that she doesn’t know, some words she’s never heard before. Some words she doesn’t have context to.

Last night, I laid the foundation for now and for years to come.

When you’re in big kid school, you’re going to hear some older kids say grown-up words. Like son of a not-biscuit.

You mean \whisper\ son of a bitch?

Yes. And other grown up words. I want you to know that if at any time at all you hear a word you don’t understand, you can come and ask me. Even if it’s a grown-up word. You can say it to me and we will talk about what it means. And if it’s a grown up word, you have to wait until you’re a grown-up to say it.


Remember when I said precisely and you asked what it meant, and I told you?


Well, you can ask me about words other people say, too. And we’ll talk about what they mean. Even grown-up words.

Mommy, what does /whisper/ son of a bitch/ mean?

Bitch is a word used to describe ladies in a not nice way. It’s a very insulting word for ladies. And by adding “son of a”, it’s insulting women and their sons. So it would be insulting to me and Witchling, Ms. K, C, and T, G and his mamas…

Daddy and Nana.

Right. And Daddy and Nana.

Why do people say it?

It’s become something that you say when you’re frustrated. But its meaning is insulting. That’s why we say biscuit. Biscuits are yummy and delicious foods and you can’t insult a biscuit.

And biscuits don’t have sons.

My ultimate hope is that last night I laid the foundation for the teenage years. For the mommy, I went to a party and now I’m buzzed and uncomfortable and please pick me up and please don’t be mad. I hope I have set up the continuous constant flow of communication that will keep her safe and whole for all her years to come.