Joyfully wrong

One of my favorite parts about church when I was a kid was the music.

Going to Catholic mass with my mom was one of my first exposures to seeing the notes on the page and realizing they meant something. I would frequently come home from mass singing hymns for a few hours or a few days.

That is something, early on in Witchlette’s life, I knew she wouldn’t experience. There would be no mass, and no hymns to sing later.

Once again, the universe proved me wrong.

While doing a private ritual, S found a song for the five of us to sing to both raise energy and set a sacred space. During a public ritual, we again sang the song to raise energy and assist with mood in a visual meditation. Since then, I have frequently used it in my morning routine. Sunday morning, I sang it while lighting my elemental candles and Witchlette happily joined. She and Witchling walked around the house happily singing to the elemental spirits. In the car on the way to Magick Circle, they continued to sing the song.

During our public Beltane ritual later that morning, as we transitioned from a social space to a sacred space, the song was played and the five of us leaders again sang the song. Those who knew it joined in, including my Little Witches.

At the close of the ritual, another song was sang. Witchlette, again knowing the song, happily joined in.

In the car, as we transitioned from Beltane celebration to birthday festivities, both Littles continued to sing the elemental spirits song, until Witchling dozed off.

Universe 1 Mama 0

But the kids benefit, so I’m joyfully wrong.