Stories of my life

Hubby and I like TV. TV is our thing. 

We are rewatching Alias, halfway through season 3. Between seasons 2 and 3, we caught up with most of Vikings, which we lost track of as the Littles got bigger. 

Then the two merged. 

First, this is Rambaldi. 

If you’re not familiar with the premise, Milo Rambaldi is like Leonardo da Vinci, but his stuff is workable in present time and is laying the ground work for major stuff. Terror organizations do all they can to get his artifacts and the CIA does all they can to stop them. 

Yesterday morning, this shows up in my Instagram feed while waiting for my coffee. 

Holy crap. That’s Rambaldi. 

Naturally, I shared it with Hubby. 


Camping yoga 

Sunday morning at the camp site, I decided to do some woods yoga. 

Behind our tent, in the same camp spot we’ve had each time we go to Uwarrie, there is a nice little thicket with a bit of a clearing that I designated as Circle space. Saturday evening, I found four baseball-sized crystals and set them up at Quarters. I walked around and blessed the space and did a short meditation. Sunday morning, I took one of the sleep mats to my Circle space and did a yoga flow. 

Since doing the 30 days magical roots challenge, I have been doing Dancer pose each morning and continuing to grow with strength of my rooted leg and grow with flexibility of my lifted leg. My yoga flow daily includes Dancer followed by Tree on each side. At home, I have furniture available to help steady myself and gain my bearings before I hope fully into the pose. 

Sunday, I just went for it. I had nothing near me to hold. And I did it, with grace! And with ease! I impressed myself!

I’m glad I have been continuing with my yoga. Some mornings Witchlette joins me. Some mornings Witchling watches. 

Sunday, he stood next to the tent and, quite loudly, asked why I was doing yoga in the trees. 

Because it feels good. 

Tree yoga felt great. It’s something I will have to do more often!

Thought while mowing

I had discussed Frigg and Freya, their similarities and differences quite a bitAlmost to ad nauseum

When I first started my 30 days of Frigg devotional, I spent a lot of time on Norse Mythology for Smart People

The article about Frigg soends a lot of time, like I do, dissecting Frigg from Freya based on Frija. 

Germanic mythology acquired its basic form during the Migration Period, and is, accordingly, a mythology especially suited to the socio-political institutions and prevailing ways of life that characterized that era. The cornerstone of this schema is the divine pair Frija and Woðanaz, the veleda and the *xarjanaz (“warband leader”) respectively. During the Viking Age, the formal warbands of earlier times gave way to informal, often leaderless groups of roving warriors – the vikings. Since the warband was no longer a feature of the lives of the Norse people, the mythological structures that had accompanied it lost much of their relevance. Now that Odin was no longer thought of as the leader of the warband of the gods, nor Freya/Frigg its veleda, the opportunity arose for their roles to be reinterpreted. For unknown reasons, part of this reinterpretation evidently involved splitting Frija into two goddesses, a process that appears to have never been fully completed, but was instead interrupted by the arrival and acceptance of Christianity.

The other day, while mowing my lawn, I was thinking about Frigg, and how earthy she is. How gentle and loving she is. How Freya is a warrior. How Freya is more like the female Odin than Frigg. How Freya is the veleda. Freya, a Vanir, has the personality and likeness of an Aesir. Frigg, and Aesir, has the personality and likeness much closer to Idunn, a Vanir. 

Did Frigg and Freya switch personas when one became more dominant over the other? 

I shared these thoughts with my Circle on Friday night, and R, who Frigg/Holda has also called to, sees what I see. She is helping me as I continue to embrace E, my Salem Witch grandmother, and release the ideal of being kin to my gods. Yet, she continues to remind me that I am. I call them by their Nordic names, but I am kin to their German faces. I am kin to Thunar. I am kin to Holda. To Woden. 

Perhaps I am connecting to Frija herself through the face of Frigg. 

As I was reading through older posts, getting back to the start of this year and to the 30 day devotional, my crown was all tingly reading through where I’ve been and what I’ve learned, how far I’ve come. 

Goddess blessed. 

Hail Frigg. Hail Frija. 

What a weekend!

The start of my amazing weekend was with big feelings during a great gals night

Saturday morning, I awoke right around dawn, and went to pick up the Littles from Grandma’s house and headed out to join daddy at tiny truck camping. 

Saturday marked 17 years of Hubby and I being us. 

Saturday evening, we made a fire and smores for our Littles and the other kids and camp. After bed time, we went back to the fire pit and enjoyed the fire burning through all of our wood. After the fire, Hubby and I went for a short walk and looked at the stars. In a time of no meteor showers, we were able to see three shooting stars in a 20 minute span. Next time, we’ll plan for blakets and lay out for longer to gaze. 

Sunday, Witchlette decided, as a four year old, she was old enough to go down the hills which frightened her as a three year old. We went on a very nice hike while Hubby drove his tiny truck down trail 5, which had 100 gates and lasted close to 2 miles and took us 2 hours to walk, since we were also doing tiny truck obsticles. 

A powerful realization 

Last night, while celebrating Mabon with my Circle, we started talking about the afterlife. I honestly don’t remember how the conversation evolved to that point; there were hours within a sacred space just sharing and enjoying each other’s company while working Magick and celebrating friendship. I shared how Helheim is equivalent to the Greek version of an afterlife- a neutral place that is just where you go. It’s not a place of punishment like the Christian Hell. Valhalla isn’t heaven; it’s been romanticized by modern Heathens, but is not a place our ancestors would choose to go. Generation upon generation would go into the family mound and be together. Then the people starting exploring far and wide and dying in far off places and not returning- so it was decided they went to Valhalla where they were rewarded with their bravery by feasting and sparring everyday until they would do and fight, and die, a second time. I also shared how each God has a hall and each God chooses those to join them in their hall. Hubby and I may end up in Frigg’s hall because our relationship is that of true soul mates and Frigg takes in and reunites spouses of our ilk. She also takes in children who die, and calls their parents when it is their time to reunite them.

And I suddenly lost it. The atmosphere, the power of the company…

I started walking this path, like many other Pagans, because of the trauma of life. When I was 20, my little sister, M, passed at 3 1/2. Last night it sunk deep in my heart that Witchlette is now older than M. 

With these amazing women, I went through some powerful shit, and felt cleansed afterward. 

With these amazing women, I had a moment, and was able to turn around and continue to celebrate after feeling some big feelings, as I was in a safe space surrounded by love and magick.