Magical Roots day 4: Intention


Intention is one of my biggest points. 

I have taught classes on intention when doing spells at Pagan Pride as well as a class for CotE. 

According to the dictionary, a spell is “a word, phrase, or form of words supposed to have magic power”. If we look at the definition, we learn something interesting about spells: they really are not all that complex. They are actually quite simple. “A word or phrase…supposed to have magic power”. Any word or phrase which you give power to becomes a spell: a wish before taking a test, a hope that the meeting with your boss is positive, a curse to someone who just cut you off on the highway. They are all spells because when you say them, you give power to them. Anything, everything, you do can be considered magickal. So, if life is magick, daily living is the spells that make the magick happen.
The definition of intent- and all variations of the word: intend, intention, etc- are “state of mind when something is done, purpose, the end or object; goal”. Our intent is the most important thing we have when we go into spellwork. It not only is the most important, but the most basic; the most primal.

My intention for this experience is to go with Magickal practices which I have developed over my ten years of practicing and intertwine Frigg into my established practices. 


Magical Roots Day 3: Centering


This one is the toughest for me. The challenge itself is to take 5 minutes and focus on breathwork. 

The issue I have is making 5 minutes. Yesterday morning, I was happily awoken to Witchling asking to go potty. Happily, because he is new to full-day potty success and was waking dry but would empty his bladder in bed unless he was immidiately brought to potty upon his very  first waking stirs. During’ rest time yesterday, I chose to nap. After need time last night, I chose to cuddle Hubby and watch murdering people shows (Dateline/48 hours). I grounded as I typically do while laying in bed before sleeping, but I never got to Centering as sleep took me over. 

Each evening, as I pour out my daily Frigg libations to the garden, I center then, but it’s not minutes as I have the Littles with me and need to be aware of where they are…and they don’t have spans of 5 minutes to center with me.