Magical Roots Day 1: Divination

My first divination practice was tarot. 

I was given money to Barnes and Noble for a holiday and bought a tarot book and cards box set. I’m pretty sure I got this set before I consciously knew I was Pagan…

They eventually made it to my altar, which is by the window, and some of them got sunbleached, so I decided to spring for another set. This one was the Moon Garden cards. I liked the first book better, so I used the explaination book from yhe first set with the second card set. Eventually I changed over to the second book. 

Then Witchlette came along, and I did not toddler-proof my altar so while she was enjoying a morning of doing Blessed Be, she got into my cards and spread them all over the house. 

All the while, I was only using the Major Arcana to do readings because much as I tried to spread my focus to a whole deck, I just couldn’t do it. Then, as I got to know more Tarot readers, I began to feel that I was doing it wrong. (Note- no one ever told me this; this is a conclusion I made). And so, I put the cards aside partly because some are still being found three years later and partly because I didn’t feel comfortable with it any longer. 

On an impulse purchase at Pagan Pride 2014, I got a set of Runes made by my local “Rune Guy” after getting a really positive reading from him about having more children after Witchlette. (Witchling was born the following PPD weekend!) I had them, and I had books to go with them, but I was afraid to use them. Granted, at this point, I was afraid of the Aesir in general… I “knew” I had to master the Runes before I could use them for Magick and divination. 

This past Yule, I asked for and received Witch’s Tarot. I started using the whole deck and while doing a reading takes me a bit as I have to go through the whole book, I like the way the whole deck feels. 

In the past few months, I started my Rune study again but felt again as I wasn’t getting anywhere. I decided, given my now open and growing relationship with the Aesir and Vanir, I could use practice to learn. Learn while doing, especially since I retain a lot more that way. I now have most of the Elder Futhark memorized and I am able to complete divination for myself and others with confidence. I like using the language of Frigg to complete divination, it makes me feel closer to her. I also didn’t trade out something I was already using for the Runes. I still do Tarot, but I’m more comfortable and confident with the Runes. And I am able to feel like I’m gaining mastery of them since there is an alphabet of Runes versus a five-suit deck of cards (counting Major as another deck). 

The first challenge for Magical Roots is to complete divination in a preferred form, which is Runes, to find what my focus for the month is. I think I cheated because I jumped onto my viewpoint as soon as I read about the challenge. 

(I paused writing to complete the challenge)

Isa, side, stagnation

Nauthiz, side, need

Ansuz, up, enlightenment

Ingwaz, up, internal growth

Mannaz, up, the self

Eihwaz, merkstave, confusion

I have a need for enlightenment and I am stagnating myself from my personal growth because of my confusion. 

My confusion is about incorperating Frigg into my pre-established practice and incorperating her practice into mine. 

I’ve just been godsmacked. 

Glad to know I’m on the right track…