An outing and a new connection

Today, Witchlette had a playdate. 

She and her friend have been friends since they were 3 months and 6 months respectively. They have been in the same preschool class since then. They are districted to the same elementary school. 

K, friend’s mom, and I have been chatting more and more frequently. We both realized how much we wanted to get us and the girls together, but our own social hesitations prevented us from ever reaching out. So last weekend, we planned for this morning. 

K and I shared non-stop conversation and the girls played together without conflict for 4 hours. 


During our conversation, we were discussing language and words we use to help our kids express themselves. I shared that I am careful with the  words I give Witchlette because our beliefs are ones that could cause others to disengage. One of my biggest fears is Witchlette will lose a friend because friend’s mama said her kids can’t play her anymore, so it’s very important to me that folks know us before they know our beliefs. Its hard to undo an established relationship with a small fact. 

Not at all impossible. Happens all the time. But I like to think it’s more difficult. 

So after I shared all that, she asked what my faith is. 

We’re Pagans. 

I held my breath. 

“That’s. So. Cool!”

I figured that would be the response, as K is rather relaxed and is quite modern. But to actually hear it, to know that it was not only no big deal, but was also something to look up to, was reinforcing. 

That was earlier in the day, so the whole time we had no guards or pretence. No sheild or barriers. Just openness. 

So much goodness. 

Bonus: her guacamole is avacado and lime, nothing else. 


One thought on “An outing and a new connection

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