Memorial meditation

I’m constantly amazed by what is within my little Witchlette. She takes in the whole world around her and feeds back this wonderful energy that’s on a whole other plane.

It’s really hard to remember sometimes that she isn’t even 4 yet. 

A few days ago, we were discussing this past weekend and Hubby and I having no work on Monday. She asked why and we told her it’s Memorial Day. What’s that?

Do you remember we told you the story about Grandpa C? How he turned off the light house so the boat couldn’t get to the beach and hurt the people living there? Well, Memorial Day is a day to remember all of the soldiers, the people like Grandpa C. 

(Yes, I know it’s more than that, but again she’s 3 and I would like to protect her from the ugliness of war for as long as I can.)

Tonight at dinner, she stops half way through and demands that Hubby and I close our eyes. She then leads a memorial prayer for Grandpa C and all the other soldiers. It wasn’t long, but established a moment of silence between honoring those who did give everything and just being awe struck by this little girl who is able to take it all in and share these parts of her soul. 


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