Replacement behavior

So I’m a nail biter. It’s a gross ugly habit and I hate doing it. I started when I was about Witchlette’s age: I saw my dad do it and figured I’d join in on the “fun”. 27 years later, try as I might to stop, here I am still. It’s a subconscious habit too. I’ll be doing something which takes mental power- reading, writing, driving- and find myself with my finger headed to my mouth. And then I hate that. I’ve tried to stop. My family has tried to help me stop. Nothing has worked. 

Because the point was always stop. 

For the last few days, Hubby and I have been musing about getting Witchling one of those fight cubes. When he stands at the did player and pushes the buttons, give him a replacement button to push instead.We’ll likely just use old video game buttons because we have them and it does the same task. 

This got me thinking about myself.  

Could a cube help me to not bite. Perhaps I could play with the cube instead. 

When we want students to stop doing a behavior, we don’t stop them cold. We replace it with something else, something similar in function but significantly less disruptive. I’ve been stopping cold. 

A cube could work. But, do I really want to buy something plastic to which I don’t have any connections? One of the cube sides is a worry stone pad. 

Why not a worry stone. I can bless it and make it Magick and have a connection to it. It would be something real and natural. I decided to bless it with Pertho, Frigg’s Rune, to have her help me on this journey. 

This morning I cast my morning Circle and invited Frigg, painted her Rune, and blessed the stone. 

When I go to bite or pick

When I need to do it quick

Instead I’ll rub this blessed stone

And leave my fingernails alone

It’s said it takes 66 days to form a habit. 

Today is day 1. 


4 thoughts on “Replacement behavior

  1. Fny says:

    I hope it’ll work brilliantly! Being an avid nail biter/finger nibbler myself I know just how frustrating this bad habit is, and how hard it is to get rid of. I’ve managed to stop several times but always end up accidentally replacing it with something even worse, so each time it’s actually ended up with me deciding to go back to nail biting. Sounds stupid, but… yeah. So I really do hope you manage to replace it with this GOOD habit!

  2. Lunapo says:

    Thank you! So far so good with day one. I slipped once, left my stone in my office while speaking with a colleague in hers. Went down the hall to get it then continued our conversation.

  3. Andre says:

    This reminds me of a similar problem that many a grandma in this part of the world (Caribbean) used to tackle. Those of us 5+ in age & still sucking thumbs/fingers. They used to dip fingers & thumbs in something very bitter. So when unconsciously you stick that thumb/finger in mouth, whammo. Believe me it worked like a charm in a short space of time. Not sure if you have the type of plants/trees up there but things bitter like wormwood, mauby bark, bitter bark etc. Or things like bitters. Some grandmas actually used pepper sauce instead of bitters.

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