Continued growth

This Yule, Witchlette and I dedicated ourselves to improving our green thumbs. 

We planted basil and lavender during the winter holiday. 

Our six small pots of basil are doing quite well.

We’re still waiting for the lavender…

In February, we planted five bulbs. All of them were in pots and they all sprouted. We transplanted them to the front garden as we cleaned it up and gave it fresh mulch. Three of them have been thriving since transplanting. Two have yet to peak through. 

Two weeks ago, while making dinner, I found a potato that had more growth than not, so we planted it! 

Witchlette found watermelon and sunflower grow kits in her Easter basket which we will begin this weekend. 

Here’s hoping the green on our thumbs sticks…It’s been great bonding working in the dirt with her! And Witchling is excited to join us!


That moment when…

That moment when your in-laws know you follow something, so when they see it, they put it aside for you. 

My father-in-law gets National Geographic. In February, the cover story was dedicated to the Vikings and a reinterpretation of those people. After reading it himself, it was put aside for me, since I do Viking lore. 

It was a very kind gesture that meant a lot to me.