Balder’s dreams

This evening for Asgard Stories, I cautiously relayed to Witchlette Balder’s dreams: he dreams of his own demise and Odin travels to Helheim to speak with a seeress to learn of Balder’s fate and it told he will die and spend forever in Helheim. 

Witchlette immidiately went into a panic. Was her favorite destined to die? 

I attempted to calm her with reassurance of his impending return, [rising from Helheim to lead with Magni, Modur, Thrud and the children of the older generation of gods] by comparing his death to sunset and sunrise. 

To no avail. 

So, taking her lead and seeing how I had gone to far and gave her more than she could handle, continued the story. Frigg went and sought a promise from every person, every animal, every thing to not hurt Balder. The gods then had a party by throwing items at Balder- throwing knives and swords, shooting arrows, tossing stones. They all gently hit him then fell to the floor. No harm done. 

And that’s it. 

I will not continue through the rest of Ragnarok until she shows she’s ready for it. 


One thought on “Balder’s dreams

  1. Sometimes it’s difficult to make the stories G or at least PG, isn’t it? My daughter has been on a kick of wanting to hear the Norse myths, too. Something in the air, maybe? I don’t know. But I am very happy that she’s interested! What I’ve ended up doing with some of the more sadder stories is telling her that people stopped writing down the stories a really long time ago. So maybe there’s a happier ending that happened after they stopped writing the stories down. I ask her what she thinks may have happened in the last 1000 years. What does she think the Gods and Goddesses did? What does she think They might be doing now? I think it helps her nurture her little intuitive skills as well as her literacy skills. (I’m studying to become a librarian, and she’s my guinea pig for practicing what I learn in my courses!) Take Baldur’s story for example. She and I imagined that Baldur brought His light and warmth with Him when He went to stay with Hel. His warmth made Her world very pretty, like our town right now in the spring. If He left, all the flowers would fade and the leaves would fall, like it does here when winter comes around. So He stays with His friend Hel to help Her have a pretty place for people to stay after they are finished being here on Earth. I’m sure the “lore purists” would have a field day with this, but it keeps her interested and wanting to learn more. 😊

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