SB17: Days 2&3

Tuesday with a very excited Witchlette climbing into bed with me, “What’s today, Mama?”

We casually ate breakfast- some sausage and a treat of an apple Danish each. After breakfast, the three of us got dressed in comfy play clothes and headed to Marbles Children’s Museum. At lunch time, we loaded up and went to meet Hubby for lunch. After lunch, it was time for Witchling and Mama to take naps. Witchlette got her TV time and snuggled while I snored. 

After snacks, the three of us got busy in the kitchen for dinner prep. Witchling dumped ingredients in the bowl while Witchlette and I dug our hands in and mixed. One of the best meals for little hands to help with has to be meatloaf. Not teeny hands that may go from bowl to mouth, mind you, but little hands. The point is to get messy and there is no recipe to distort with a mismeasure. A pinch of this, a dash of that, protein and binding agent of choice. Our loafs always contain dairy, preferably ricotta though milk also works in a pinch. It makes the loaf richer. 

Wow, rambling tangent. 

Today, we spent the first part of the day with my mom around town. After nap/TV time, Witchlette asked to get our feet scrubbed. I had a Visa gift card I had been saving for just such and occasion. We had snacks and headed to the nail place. The fine ladies recognized Witchlette immidiately despite only seeing her once before about a year ago. 

When we got home, it was time to get back into​the kitchen for dinner prep. Both kids dragged in chairs to help and loaded sliced potatoes into the baking dish. After tiring of this task, and seeing there would be no additional kitchen tasks forthcoming, played between the backyard and living room. 

Hubby and I are now relaxing and watching day one of the NHL playoffs. 

Tomorrow, the kids have spring parties at school and Hubby and I are taking a day for ourselves.