SB17: Day1

Ah, Monday. And a Monday when there isn’t work is naturally a make it Monday. 

We started strong with apple ring pancakes. 

After breakfast, I read to each of the Littles’ class and we did our weekly food shopping. This included an entry to the food bank. 

We collected healthy shelf-stable foods and Witchlette and I discussed what a food bank is, why they are needed, who may go to one, and how those of us who are fortunate enough to not need one should give to our community and help our neighbors who do need one. 

When we returned home, the Littles had lunch and then Witchling went for his nap. Witchlette and I continued in with Make it Monday and crafted some treats for their spring parties on Thursday. 

Once Witchling woke from his nap, we took to the park to enjoy the daylight of the afternoon. 
Hubby and I tag-teamed dinner and it became a typical evening warm-weather of our new normal. 


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