Morning blessing song

Published February 26, 2017 by Lunapo

Last night I was turned onto the idea of a morning blessing song to start all our days off with Magickal intentions. 

It’s based on a nursery school welcome song and has the same melody. 

Start in your usual direction and move through the song as if you were casting a Circle. Use whatever properties or representations you would like. This morning my first round of Earth had rocks and trees, but Witchlette wanted flowers and grass. You can include in each verse the name of the Element or the cardinal direction. 
Below is a sample of what the song can look like. 

Good morning wind

Good morning breeze 

Good morning Air

It’s good to see you today

Good morning spark

Good morning flame

Good morning Fire

 It’s good to see you today

Good morning puddle

Good morning ocean

Good morning water

It’s good to see you today
Good morning rocks

Good morning trees

Good morning Earth

It’s good to see you today
Good morning wonder

Good morning life

Good morning Spirit

It’s good to see you today

Witchlette was very excited to sing this this morning. I’d like to sing it when we get in the car on the way to drop off each morning. 

We could also have a good night version that can be sung as part of our nightly routine. 

Good night flowers

Good night trees

Good night Earth

Thanks for being with me today

Perhaps at either teeth brushing would be the most effective…


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