Tower times

Lots is happening.

Folks know about most of it, lest they either watch nothing but fox news or live under a rock deep within an underground dark cave in the middle of the woods- some would say this is one in the same.

Other stuff that is happening is much more local and touches home on a regular.

CotE aka “Magick Circle” is now a transient entity. The Imbolc ritual last Sunday was the last ever ritual at the space in downtown Raleigh gardens. It was a gorgeous ritual led by the church’s High Priestess who, as she always does, did a fabulous job. It was appropriate as the last ritual, being Imbolc and a time of new beginnings, because all new beginnings start with an end. Just as appropriate, the kid-centric Imbolc ceremony will be this coming Sunday. I am leading this ritual and a fellow church member and friend was able to scout out and secure ritual space in a local city park.

Continuing transiently.

It’s been a lot to process and work through. Most of my dedicated Magick Circle time has been spent researching different sites and figuring out what is needed, when, and where.

Throughout these processes, I keep getting signs that the gods are with us. We do not walk through these Tower Times alone.

Over the last week, I have had a falcon fly in my path at different parts of the day and different areas of town at least four times.

Frigga is with me.

I am not alone.

At the Imbolc ritual, as we said our final blessing of the final ritual of our [now] former spiritual gathering place, a large murder of crows flew overhead.

Odin is with us.

Morrigan is with us.

While we walk through the tower times and all that is thrown at us, we must keep our heads high and our hearts and minds opens.

 We are not alone.


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